What mythology says: How women got their periods

What mythology says: How women got their periods

There's actually a story on how women were cursed to get their periods but also got a blessing in return.

There's no doubt that Indian mythology is full of stories and ancient texts have numerous tales behind everything that we have been provided by nature or by God.

There are many such tales that tell you the story behind why women were chosen to get their periods every month. However, there's a popular one that says that women were cursed due to a crime committed by who else, but Lord Indra. Here's how it goes.

How Women Got Their Periods

Of course like any other story that has a curse or something evil happening in it Indradev has to be a part of it. This one has him too.

So once upon a time Guru Brahaspati got furious with Indradev and taking full advantage of their fight the asuras attacked Devlok. As usual, Indra ran away as soon as his kingdom was attacked and occupied.

Indradev thought of reaching out to Lord Brahma to find out a way to please Guru Brihaspati and also get his kingdom back. Brahma told him that he has to serve a sage and if the sage is happy with his offerings he would get his kingdom back.

What mythology says: How women got their periods

As per Brahma's advice, Indra found a sage and started serving him day and night, however, as luck would have it the sage's mother was an asura herself and so the sage was also really close to the asuras.

Soon Indra found out that the sage was giving away his offerings to the asuras instead of the Devas. In a fit of fury, he killed the sage.

Indra didn't realise that he has committed an even bigger crime now by killing a brahmin. Indra got scared and decided to hide in a flower for a year and pray to the almighty Vishnu.

Finally, after hearing his prayers, Lord Vishnu said that he would be saved but he would have to divide the burden of his crime to the trees, earth, water, and women. However, he was to curse them all in one single go and also give them a blessing in return:

  1. 1/4th of the curse was given to the trees and they were blessed that in return they could regrow or regain their life as per their own will.
  2. 1/4th was given to water and in return, it got the power to purify other beings in this world. This is why Hindus consider jal or water to be pure and use it while performing many customs and traditions.
  3. 1/4th was given to the earth and was blessed with the power to heal.
  4. The last part of the curse was given to women which they got in the form of their menstrual cycle or periods, but in return, they got the blessing of being able to bear a new life inside them and be superior to men.

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