"My periods were getting irregular and painful, but I ignored the change..."

"My periods were getting irregular and painful, but I ignored the change..."

As a fellow mom, I would say that as much as we care for our kids and family, unless we are healthy and fit, we cannot give them our best.

Dear moms,

Let me ask you this.

How many sleepless nights have you spent sitting with your child, checking the fever, helping them to sleep, and spending the next day without getting any rest yourself?

How many times have you worked the entire day and night, even when you felt tired and exhausted, but wanted to cook that meal for your children and husband, or had to sit and help them with homework?

How many times did you rush your child to the doctor for a cough or cold that had been there for two-three days? Many many times I am sure, right?

But how many times did you rush to the doctor when you felt unwell? Or how many times do you actually go for the annual health check-up, to make sure whether or not you are absolutely fine or not?

If you are like me, you probably have not taken care of your health at all.

Now let me tell you a story, something that happened with me.

I have always been conscious about my health, but when it came to deciding what was more important, my health or my children’s, without a doubt I chose their health as the first priority.

While I am generally a fit and healthy person, and have good eating and lifestyle habits, after a certain age, our bodies start showing signs of resistance. This is when a lot of health issues come in, and this is especially true in case of women.

Since we women go through so many hormonal changes and imbalances, it has a big effect on our overall health, even before we realize we are at risk.

For the past three-four years, I started having a change in my monthly periods. I noticed that my periods were getting more irregular, and the pain levels were shooting up.

However, as I was always busy with my children, I always postponed my doctor visits, and once the days would pass, I would forget about the discomfort.

As of today, I have been bleeding almost non-stop for the past two years.

My periods have gone for a toss, my pain levels, even though my pain tolerance is amazingly high, have gone so unbearably had, that I was put on very strong painkillers for almost ten months.

Over the past three months, I have had two surgeries, none of which have been able to help me yet. I have been on heavy medication for almost two years now, which have drained me of my energy, make me feel sleepy and bloated, and have also brought about other health issues.

A lot of this could have been avoided if I had taken the right steps at the right time, if I had cared for my stress levels, my hours of sleep and also taken treatment for my hormones that were going haywire, without my realizing.

Now, I am living each day through operations and medicines, which is not a good feeling trust me, mommies.

So please, as a fellow mom and someone who is going through this issue every single day, I would say that as much as we care for our children and family and keep their needs before ours, unless we are healthy, fit and happy, we cannot give them our best.

Take care!

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