'My biggest challenge was raising her alone'

'My biggest challenge was raising her alone'

Nikunj Verma isn't the sort of woman who'll give up. No matter what! Which is why, very rightly, have we featured this woman of substance here. Read her amazing story

awesome working mum

‘Ain’t we pwetty’: The gorgeous Nikunj and her even more gorgeous daughter Payoja clearly love the camera

One look at Nikunj Verma, and you’ll never guess the layers this lady is made up of. The most sober of smiles greet you and you say to yourself, ‘She is so gathered, she even looks like a supermum, sans the cape of course’. But then she starts speaking and you heave a sigh of relief, ‘OMG, she sounds just like you or me… just another mum giving her 100% to her kids, family and work and trying to look sane at the same time.

With a fabulous work record in her kitty, Nikunj decided to quit when she had her daughter. But not someone to give her multifaceted personality a rest, she decides to start a business of her own. Today, she shuttles between India and Singapore to manage family and work, but wherever she goes, her little one tags along. Read her inspiring story here.

So, how does it feel playing super mum?

I think it’s tough to walk this path, because as a mom you are walking your talk. If I don’t walk my talk, I know I am confusing my daughter. So I am careful on what I preach. I know she is following me, believing that I am the only person who knows everything and also believes that I am the best one around.

Kindly tell us about yourself?

I am Nikunj Verma, mum to a 6-year-old, a budding entrepreneur skilled in internet marketing and sales. My company, Thegbabe, is a rental service for baby gear. The whole idea of it is to add value to the products (baby cots, cradle, cradle, cribs, car seats, strollers, etc.) by saving our customers’ money. ‘G’ stands for green and ‘babe’ stands for the mum and the baby. Our nursery products like baby cots, cradle, cribs, rockers, push chairs, outdoor gear like car seats and strollers.

Apart from that, I love reading and yoga. I always innovate my daily life to achieve more in a day. Thanks to Youtube and Tedtalks to make this possible for me.

To know about a typical day in the life of Nikunj Verma, continue reading

awesome working mum

‘Yayyyyy, this is how we have fun!’ Pankaj with Payoja, having a blast riding a cycle

What’s a typical day like in your life? 

My day starts at 4.30 a.m. with yoga. I sketch my schedule for the day alongside. There are two important daily events in my life. First is that I drop my daughter to school in the morning; we walk down to school daily. When we walk down I only focus on her and I answer her questions, we talk about trees, birds, wind, sun or any new flowers blooming on our way.

The second most important event is the one before we go to sleep. I try my best to be with my daughter before she sleeps. As it’s story time, I tell Payoja short stories from Indian mythology and it’s the time we both look forward to. We listen to bhajans too.

I am working 7-8 hours daily. Once my daughter is back from school, I make sure I am only with her. I check her homework daily and I help her become independent in her studies. That way she takes responsibility of being attentive in the class, so that she can do her homework on her own when she is back.

My husband is traveling most of the times and he is only at home on weekends. So I plan the weekends carefully to ensure he spends quality time with Payoja. We try our best to keep the weekends digital free, though not checking the phone is a challenge.

If I had to divide my time, this is the typical percentage, priority wise on weekly basis:

  1. Walk and Yoga-11% of the week
  2. Work-51% of the week
  3. Learning -5% of the week
  4. Daughter-17% of the week
  5. Family and Friends-10% of the week

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awesome working mum

Nikunj and Pankaj share a light moment for the lenses. Picture perfect, we say!

As a working mum, what are the challenges you face?

As a working mum, the biggest challenge I face is to be on time. I wish there a couple of my clones who would be at work, home, with my child, and for my friends at the same time. And as that’s not remotely feasible, the other challenge I face is accepting my limitations.

What has been your biggest emotional struggle while bringing up both, your career and kids?

I was too attached to my daughter, so not being with her and attending work was an emotional challenge in the beginning. My biggest challenge was that I was raising her alone. My husband travels all the time, so the times when she used to fall sick, I had to completely switch off from work. My business suffered and even today I face that challenge. She is 6-years-old now and she is independent, so it is better.

While struggling to create a balance between work life and your family, did things ever get bad enough that you wanted to quit? If yes, how did you manage?

Yes, I was almost quitting when we took a decision to move to Singapore. I decided to close down the business, but my friends helped me discard that idea and it’s amazing how I am managing the business from Singapore. We have a virtual office and an efficient team. Technology today has made everything possible.

Who has been your sounding board throughout your journey?

I am fortunate to have an amazing set of friends

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awesome working mum

The usually gregarious Nikunj sits down for a pensive pose

How do you unwind over the weekend (with the family)? 

We mostly go out, organize play dates for kids or go cycling or walk in the nature.

Your idea of me time?

I love to read and meditate in the me time

What does ‘being a mom’ mean to you?

I being a mom, to me it is bringing up and grooming Payoja to become a responsible individual. Helping her to understand and define how to lead a life and to support her in her journey.

Advice to working mums who are struggling to achieve work-life balance

My advice would be that- be true to yourself. I don’t believe in work-life balance. I feel that we should clearly understand what matters to us individually. And prioritize what is important. There is nothing like- “ I am not left with options”, I used to say that, but I realized that it’s me who has defined these options.

If you feel health is important, make sure you do what is needed to manage your health. We have enough hours in a day to take care of our priorities. Minimize your needs and see how much time you gain for your priorities. is I have simplified my life to the extent possible, so it saves me real good time for the things I really wish to do.

My experience is that my life is amazing and peaceful only because I listen to my heart and follow it, I am always true to myself.

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Divya Nair

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