Must-watch: This throwback video of Kareena and Ranbir with dadu Raj Kapoor will remind you of your dadaji!

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OMG!!! This is too cute!!!

We all have those memories of moments spent with our grandparents that stay with us for the rest of her lives. I still remember how my dadaji would write a letter to me every week when I moved to Mumbai for higher studies and I would excitedly wait for it. I still have those letters with me and I often read them when I miss him.

Wouldn't you agree with me when I say that we all love watching old videos or going through old photographs with your parents and grandparents? Doesn't it take you down the memory lane?

That's what you can feel when you this viral video of cousins Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor spending time with their dadu, the legendary filmmaker Raj Kapoor. The video was perhaps shot during one of Raj Kapoor's famous birthday parties and what's heartwarming is the way Kareena is clinging on to her grandfather and kissing him again and again.

Must-watch: This throwback video of Kareena and Ranbir with dadu Raj Kapoor will remind you of your dadaji!

She's accompanied by her parents Babita and Randhir Kapoor and sister Kareena, who's wearing a black dress. One by one all of them wish the family patriarch on his birthday, but it's bebo who's clearly the center of attraction in the video.

Ranbir, on the other hand, is quite different from his current superstar image and is being requested by his dadaji to go and change his clothes for the party and says "jao achcha kapda pehen ke aao".

Must-watch: This throwback video of Kareena and Ranbir with dadu Raj Kapoor will remind you of your dadaji!

Bebo, however, is dressed for the occasion and looks super cute in a lacy frock and matching hair accessories. Also seen in the video is Ranbir's sister Ridhima who's more worried if Kareena has got her gift... Perhaps she wanted hers too! Don't all kids do that?

In the end, Kareena and Ranbir are seen having a hilarious conversation and Kareena is visibly amused at what Ranbir has to say! The video was telecast on the Rendezvous with Simi Garewal show when Kareena had become an overnight sensation after Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham. Watch the full video to see how cute Kareena and Ranbir looked when they were little!

The role of grandparents

What's endearing in the video is how like a loving dadu Raj Kapoor is seen greeting his grandkids and also addresses Kareena as "my sweeto". He then tells her to greet everyone: "Sabko haath jod ke namaste karna haan".

Aren't all grandparents like that? They not only love your kids unconditionally, they also make sure that they are passing on their family values to their grandkids:

  • Grandparents can, in fact, play an important role in building the value system of a small child. Sadly, in this age of nuclear families kids today are missing out on the values and principles that their parents received from their fathers and mothers.
  • Grandparents can be that much-needed channel that parents need to inculcate family values, beliefs and principles in their kids. As kids really don't like listening to their parents all the time, grandparents can be useful in teaching kids simple lessons from everyday life.
  • Grandparents can also be the much-needed support system for working mums and parents who are too busy to spend quality time with their kids.
  • They also help the child develop a close emotional bond with other family members and make him realize the importance of having a close-knitted family.

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