Must watch: Proud new dad Shahid Kapoor has just taught Misha a brand new skill

Must watch: Proud new dad Shahid Kapoor has just taught Misha a brand new skill

Shahid Kapoor could not help but share his toddler's another first in the cutest little video. And we bet you'd love to film this with your baby too!

Celebrity or not, if you are a new parent your baby understandably becomes the most important person in your life. You love to capture and celebrate each milestone of your bundle of joy. And, new dad Shahid Kapoor is no exception.

He too is busy taking care of his baby girl Misha and documenting her every little milestone.

While last month, he shared a her candid video of Misha trying to walk and dance on a stationary jumper, he recently gave a sneak peek into her newest skill.

Misha's newest skills make daddy proud

The nine-month-old celeb baby who looks a lot like her gorgeous mum Mira Rajput, was seen sitting upright and doing something she had never done before.

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In the video, Misha is seen clapping away as her doting dad looks lovingly at her. Along with this adorable short video the proud dad added: "And she learns how to clap."

This of course was a sneak peek into how the new dad loves being hands-on and spend time with his bundle of joy.

In fact, by his own admission, spending time with Misha and caring for her is something he would never trade for anything.

Shahid's parenting style is in-sync with urban times

"I’ve spent a lot of time with Misha. I took a six-month paternity leave. I did it more for myself than her. I didn’t want to miss out on the experience. People cautioned me that it was not a good decision. That I’d be out of the limelight. But being an actor I’m a freelancer.  I change her diapers, I give her bottle feeds. I fed her first solids," he recently shared.

The Rangoon star also added that he enjoys his funny conversations with Misha.

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"I enjoy hanging with her when she moves in the walker. I like looking at her when she rolls around. In fact I mimic her funny sounds rather than teach her words. So that she feels we’re sharing a conversation," he shared proving that this young dad is in no hurry to push milestones on his kid.

In fact, every time he shared Misha's new milestone on his social media, his fans and new parents loved to see them.

So without further ado, let's recap some of the cutest milestones he's shared. We bet these are some of the most precious moments all parents love to capture.

Misha's 5 cutest milestones shared by daddy dearest

  • When she cuddled with mum: Shahid shared the first ever picture of his daughter with none other than her mum, Mira Rajput. The candid shot captured Mira kissing and cuddling her baby girl as she looked curiously at her dad.
  • When she played on her own: When a new baby no longer depends on you for fun and loves to explore and play with toys on their own, it's a moment all parents love to film and Shahid was no exception to the rule. He shared a picture of the cutely dressed Misha lying on her play mat ready to take on the world.

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  • When she was learning how to swim: The doting dad shared the cutest picture of Misha enjoying some pool time with him. Along with the photograph, Kapoor wrote: "Pool time with missy. #besttimes." This certainly is the one time that gets all new parents super excited as they rush to capture the moments of their babies splashing water in the pool.
  • When she was learning how to walk: The new parents have also created a gorgeous nursery for their daughter, which includes several toys, play mats and stationary walker. And Shahid gave everybody a sneak peek into what she uses to learn how to walk by sharing a cute video.
  • When she was learning how to crawl: This is one milestone that is close to the heart of every new parent. And while most people expected Shahid to make big announcement, he subtly made everybody know that his little baby girl has started to crawl.

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