Watch: Mandira Bedi lost 22 kilos by following these two simple workouts

Watch: Mandira Bedi lost 22 kilos by following these two simple workouts

Mandira Bedi's exercise regime includes only '1 minute each' variations and can easily be done at home!

Television actor, anchor and now a saree designer, it looks like working mum Mandira Bedi wears many hats. But the one that she has been wearing proudly off late is that of a fitness enthusiast.

In an all-access video for an entertainment daily, Bedi finally revealed the secret to her flashboard abs and her envious figure.

The busy working mum shared that she prefers to workout for 1.5 hours, however, whenever she cannot, she resorts to these simple exercises that she believes everybody can do in the comfort of their homes.

Bedi's workout routine lasts 1.5 hours

"I go to the gym most of the time, six days a week if I have my own way. But sometimes when I am short of time or I do not have the 1.5 hours required to go to the gym, I do a quick workout at home. I have some basic equipment on the terrace of my home," she begins.

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"What I normally do it, I have two kinds of workout. One is with minimal equipment, all you need is a mat and a couple of weights or maybe a kettle bell and a step or a skipping rope," shares the 45-year-old as she proceeds to demonstrate her workouts.

Step #1: Cardio, Weights, Repeat

Bedi explains, "So what I am doing in this workout is alternating between cardio and weights. I'll start with a cardio exercise and follow it up with weights, followed by cardio and then again followed by weights."

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In this routine, she works on her entire upper body with small weights.

"So (I am working on) shoulders, chest, back, biceps and triceps," she explains.

"But the way I do it is that I do not do reps by themselves, I always alternate them with one set of cardio," she adds.

What you need to include: So this includes 1 minute of skipping, 1 set of bicep curls, 1 minute of jumping jack, 1 set of tricep curls, 1 minute of split lunges, 1 set of kettle bell pull up, 1 minute split squats, 1 set of of bent over lateral raises, 1 minute of front kicks, and 1 set of dumbbell flyes.

For the second step, Bedi says she uses her own body weight.

Step #2: Use your own body weight

"Again, I must do cardio. You always have to have cardio in the mix. I feel that if I have not broken into a sweat, my workout is not worked for me. So it will be cardio followed by push ups, followed by cardio again, followed by abs, followed by cardio, followed by legs. It will be a mix of whatever I can do with my own body," she explains.

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She explains for this second set of workout one only needs a mat and a towel.

"What I usually do is I have a tablet in front of me, which has a stop watch. So I can time each of my cardio exercises to last for 1 minute. And I do 15 reps of whatever weights I do or cardio I do. So that's how my workouts go and those are the kinds of workouts when I don't have time and I am working out at home," she shares.

What you need to include: So her body weight only workouts include 1 minute of jump squats, 1 minute pushups, 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute planks, 1 minute lunge kicks, 1 minute bicycle crunches, 1 minute plank jacks, 1 minute lunges, and 1 minute side leg lateral raises.

Bedi assures that if you are short of time or can only workout at home, these are the one's you can try and lose weight and be fit just as she did post pregnancy!

See her full video here.

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