Must-watch: When daddy SRK healed son AbRam's broken thumb!

Must-watch: When daddy SRK healed son AbRam's broken thumb!

What a beautiful conversation!

All parents are same! Even when you happen to be the Badshah of Bollywood and an actor that has a humongous fan following across the globe.

We know that SRK's little blue-eyed boy has become quite popular with the media and the paparazzi leave no opportunity to click pictures of the adorable boy. Besides, AbRam accompanies his dad everywhere these days from film sets to an event and even to interviews.

Yes, that's right! So, SRK was being interviewed and just when they were "ready for take", little AbRam ran to his daddy with a major problem. The little one had injured his thumb and wanted his 51-year-old daddy to treat it. "Papa, my thumb is broken," he's heard saying in the viral video to his father.

And, SRK at once put on the daddy hat and jumped to his rescue. He then looks concerned at his son and asks, "Is it okay now?" Later on, he also gives an injection to AbRam to heal him. The beautiful conversation between the star father and son was captured on camera in a video that's breaking the internet today. Check it out!

The father-son bonding

This is why he is seen accompanying his famous father to his shoots, events and even overseas locations.

“I don’t have many friends. My kids are my closest allies, best friends. And I can share all my deep, dark secrets, my happiest or saddest moments with them. You know, my dad used to call me Yaara, that’s what a Pathan calls his pal. My parents were my friends. The rapport that they shared with me is what I share with my kids. I’m just the kind of dad that my father was to me,” he had said in an interview.


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SRK is indeed making sure that AbRam gets the best of both worlds from him and Gauri as parents. The relationship between a father and son is extremely fragile and sensitive and research says that a father’s mood and behaviour greatly affects the child’s psychology.

According to a Michigan State University study, children’s mental and behavioural development is strongly linked to their fathers’ moods.

The study found that fathers’ parenting-related stress had a harmful effect on their children’s cognitive and language development when the children were 2 to 3 years old, even when the mothers’ influences were taken into account. This impact varied by gender; fathers’ influence, for example, had a larger effect on boys’ language than girls’ language.

Shah Rukh is surely giving major fatherhood goals to all new dads out there!

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[Video courtesy Twitter; Images courtesy: Instagram]
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