Must-try: 5 yummy roti rolls for your kid's lunchbox!

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Here are 5 yummy roti rolls your kid's lunchbox that can be prepared in a jiffy!

No matter how much we love breads, pastas and pohas, as an Indian mother the healthiest thing that we would love our kids to eat every day for their lunches at school would be Roti. And I know you all would agree with this.

But when it comes to packing roti in your child's lunchbox, you know that your child would not love it when he sees roti sabji every day. So what can be a better idea than packing some yummy roti rolls for your little one?

If you've run short of ideas, fret not as that's what we have for you today with some quick, finger-licking recipes.

Yummy roti rolls for your kid's lunchbox

Here are 5 yummy roti rolls your kid's lunchbox that can be prepared in a jiffy! Filling, packed with nutrition and the goodness of healthy vegetables, we're sure your child would love them!

1.Paneer roti roll

How can a child say no to paneer and if that paneer is not fried, but sauteed in light oil and veggies, it can't get better than that, right? Try this yummy roti paneer roll recipe, if paneer is something that your child loves.


2. Jhatpat aloo roti roll

The next thing that kids never say no to after paneer has to be aloo, right? And aloo is one vegetable that is always available at home and so super easy to cook.

Try this jhatpat aloo roti roll recipe that can be prepared in 3 minutes. Thank us later for it!


3. Cabbage, carrot cheese roti rolls

If your child doesn't like to eat vegetables in sabji, salads or otherwise, we're sure you must be looking for ideas to include vegetables in their lunchbox.

Try this cabbage, cheese roti roll that would add the goodness of vegetables to your child's lunchbox!

4. Cheese and roti roll

This recipe really works for those mothers who have barely enough time in the mornings to whip up an elaborate dish for her child.

Make it with just two main ingredients, cheese, and roti, but add a little bit of love and we're sure your child would wipe it off in two minutes.

5. Bean sprouts and veggie roti roll

If you want to add a punch of protein to your child's roti as well, you can add some sprouts and veggies to the roll.

Try this yummy, easy-to-cook recipe made of sprouts, veggies and rotis. We're sure your child will ask for more!

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