Shveta Salve encourages new mums to celebrate their post-baby body; calls it magical!

Shveta Salve encourages new mums to celebrate their post-baby body; calls it magical!

Every new mother should read it!

Childbirth takes a toll on your emotional, mental and physical health, but while new mums generally sail through the emotional and mental bit, they often have a tough time dealing with their post-pregnancy bodies. However, actress and new mother Shveta Salve says that women should cherish and not dislike their bodies after childbirth.

On Friday, Shveta shared a before and after image of hers on Instagram that showed her pre and post pregnancy body after the birth of her daughter Arya. While Shveta looks mesmerising as a new mother, it is the inspiring message that she posted along with the picture that left us a little overwhelmed.


Yes, that's right. Shveta says that childbirth is a miracle and more than that it is a woman's body that one should be celebrating as it is magical!

"Miracle is the first word that comes to my mind .. It still feels like only yesterday she was inside me. I felt you from the inside and today I hold you in my arms and can actually feel you and touch you with my hands.
A woman's body is Magical and no wonder great artists , sculptors , poets , painters have in so many ways tried to beautify it .. But it achieves its true form of praise after this transformation," writes Shveta.

Apart from the heartwarming message, Shveta also revealed how she she got back to shape to her pre-pregnancy body four months after the birth of her daughter.

Continue reading on the next page to know how Shveta bounced back to shape four months after the birth of her baby girl!

"Nothing is the same like before, not my arms nor my thighs, not my breasts nor my hips , but I have never been more proud of this body of mine than now. Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle before n after pregnancy definitely helps it to snap back closest to its original self.

So be proud my fellow mommies and mommies to be..
This Journey reflects the Miracle of Life ...
Remember You are Beautiful .. inside and out," writes Shveta.


Shveta is indeed right when she says that a woman should celebrate her post-pregnancy body as it is nothing of a miracle. New mothers should not fret over their post-pregnancy body and look for unhealthy ways to lose weight as your baby depends on you for nutrition for the first six months of his life. Here are a few tips that can help:

1. Breastfeed your baby: Breastfeeding itself allows you to burn calories and lose weight. You lose around 500 calories a day till the time you are breastfeeding so that itself would help you lose all the weight you have gained. Yes, that's right!

2.Snack healthy: While no one should stop you from eating those calorie-packed panjiri laddoos, make sure that you have only one a day and chose healthy snacks such as phool makhaana or whole wheat khakra to snack on throughout the day.

Hamizah Salikimen – Malaysian Parenting and Motherhood advice-media-9

3. Have healthy, balanced meals: Eat healthy, balanced meals that have more vegetables, salads, and daal and don't fill up your tummy with only rotis and rice.

It's true that you are perpetually hungry when you are breastfeeding, but don't just eat whatever you put your eyes on. Being a little sensible would certainly go a long way in helping you reach your target weight.

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