This 9-year-old Muslim girl from Bhopal loves reading the Gita...know why

This 9-year-old Muslim girl from Bhopal loves reading the Gita...know why

For Shama Parveen, her passion lies in winning school competitions. Now, the talented girl has set herself up to learn the Quran

Three years back, Shama Parveen participated in the Gita shloka competition at her school. That's then. Today, you ask her to recite any shloka from the Holy book and the nine-year-old would brim with energy. Her fluency and elan would make your jaws drop.

“I participated in the Geeta shloka competition at my school when I was in Class I. I read the shlokas that were given to me. I won, which then encouraged me to participate in such competitions every year,” Shama told Hindustan Times.

However, that's not all for the student of Sarswati Shishu Mandir in Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh when it comes to learning. Shama now wants to expand her knowledge by memorising the Quran as well. “I also want to remember all ayats of the holy book of Quran, as I did with the Gita,” said Shama.

And who wouldn't be proud of such daughter? “My daughter enjoys reading shlokas. I don’t care whether she is learning Gita or Quran, I only care about her happiness. I have helped her in learning the shlokas. In fact, I have memorised some of the shlokas myself,” said her father Sahabuddin.

We are proud of you too, Shama

Image courtesy: Hindustan Times

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