Mums, you only need THIS one product to give your face a flawless 'Kareena' finish

Mums, you only need THIS one product to give your face a flawless 'Kareena' finish

These products can lend your face a flawless finish, just as it did for the radiant mum-to-be Kareena Kapoor Khan

Any makeup lover would agree when I say that it's not just the cosmetic that lends a flawless finish to the face, but also the tool with which you apply it onto your face.

Whether it is your foundation, loose powder or blush, if you have the appropriate tools, you can easily give your makeup a natural look.

And if you already own a set of brushes and are fluent with their use, then you are going to have absolutely no problem in using this one product that all makeup artists swear by.

Yes, we are talking about the beauty blender sponges!

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A soft sponge such as these can lend your face a flawless finish, just as it did for the radiant mum-to-be Kareena Kapoor Khan. It basically fills any pores on your face and distributes the makeup product all across evenly.

You can probably find the drop-shaped beauty sponge on all cosmetic shops across the cities. While some of them are super cheap others like the beauty blender are a little expensive and can start anywhere between Rs 700 and go up to Rs 2,000.

But why would you invest in something so expensive?

Why you must have a blending sponge

Well, first up, it's your face!

When you use a product on your face you have to be careful of how your face would react to it. So it's always better to try something that is of good quality and verified by makeup artists across India.

Second, when you apply your foundation, it prepares the canvas for the rest of your makeup that includes blush, contour or highlight. So naturally, this first step has to be done well so you can add all the other elements with ease.

Continue reading to see how to use a beauty blender get the Kareena glow, it's actually very simple! 

How to use a sponge to apply foundation

If you have been using your fingers or a brush to apply your foundation, you're going to love the way it will look when you use a sponge. The one which looks like a drop or an egg is perfect for flawless application since it gets to all corners of the face, whether it is your cheeks or underneath your eyes.

So first up, look for the size, porousness and the shape of the blending sponge. If you are more comfortable with small sponges, then you can use that too! Some of these are also shaped like toys with a cinched waist, if you may, and they work perfectly as well.

To use a drop/egg-shaped sponge simple follow these steps:

  • Dampen the beauty blender or the sponge with water. You will notice that the sponge will instantly become large and absorb all that water. A wet blending sponge keeps the product on the surface of the sponge and does not absorb it. Ans it also makes it easier to push the makeup right into all those pores and filling them up with foundation. Don't worry, it will do no harm to your face if you wash your face properly once back home.
  • Take some foundation, whether liquid, cream, powder or stick and dot it all over your face. Then using pecking motions, push the foundation gently into your face in quick motions (as in the video). Do this across the face and underneath your eyes.
  • Using the same sponge you can also evenly apply the concealer, which comes after the foundation (or before, if you like to do that). You can follow this basic routine with application of he rest of your makeup including a highlighter at the end and viola! You will have a flawless finish!

See this video to see how easy it is to use a sponge and how it so much better than any of the other makeup tools. Trust me if you will, I am a loyal user!

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