Mum's hilarious photo is evidence that parenting never stops

Mum's hilarious photo is evidence that parenting never stops

Annie Nolan, hysterical mummy/blogger recently shared a downright ROFL-worthy photo on her Instagram that proves that parenting never stops!

Trying to put the workload of a parent into words is a task easier said than done. That being said, trying to encapsulate parents' workload in a photo is something that was once thought least until now!

Thanks to mummy Annie Nolan, the impossible has been accomplished and now after many, many years we now have a photo of a parents' everyday struggle to raise their kids!

Nolan, founder of the blog site Uncanny Annie, posted the photo (seen below) on her Instagram account earlier this week. The hilarious photo shows Annie in quite the predicament.

Before the photo was snapped, Annie was about to head to an Australian Football League game to watch her husband play and decided to strap one of her twins, 3-year-old Delphi, on her back. However, nature called, and she knew she had to make a quick bathroom trip. With her toddler strapped to her back, this funny handled her business like a champ.

It was during this impromptu bathroom trip that the following viral photo was snapped:

“When you need to wee but you just spent 15 mins securely strapping a child to your back,” she wrote on the Instagram post's caption.

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Just last year, Nolan was the subject of more laughs in the parenting community. She hilariously signs that featured answers to frequently asked questions about her non-identical twin girls.

Though, in fairness, that particular post was far from toilet humor!

“I have to make sure I have the twins secured for safety reasons and the fact I was only born with two arms and have three kids,” she said.

In the uproarious caption, the mum wrote that the comical experience with her daughter was a bit familiar since “she follows [her] to the toilet every time anyway.”

For those who can relate to Nolan, this image speaks more than a thousand words! Am I right, parents?

This story was originally shared by The Huffington Post

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