"Mummy will you marry my daddy?" Surprise proposal during maternity shoot

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Lorenza Pardo probably never saw this coming! Check out her husband's romantic surprise proposal during the couples maternity photoshoot!

Lorenza Pardo, expecting mother from Florida, probably never imagined that her life would change during a maternity shoot with her boyfriend. Louis Bruno, Pardo’s other half, on the other hand knew exactly what to expect.

Together with photographer Kevin Cucci (artCimages Photography), Bruno surprised Lorenza with an unexpected proposal, a ring, and an absolutely unforgettable photoshoot!

“The proposal was absolutely perfect,” Pardo said in an interview with TODAY. “Louis had truly thought of everything, and knew that capturing the moment on camera would be the icing on the cake for me.”

During the shoot, Cucci asked Lorenza to stare off into the distance in order to set the mood for a particular shot. With her back turned, Louis Bruno dropped down on one knee, reached for the engagement ring, and prepared to ask the most important question of his life. As Lorenza turned around, Kevin Cucci perfectly captured each and every moment of Pardo’s reaction:

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Kevin Cucci/artCimages Photography

Kevin Cucci/artCimages Photography

Kevin Cucci/artCimages Photography

Kevin Cucci/artCimages Photography

Kevin Cucci/artCimages Photography

“It could not have been a more perfect day,” Pardo added in her interview. “The weather was beautiful, and when we began taking pictures I was just excited about the moment already…when I turned around and saw a ring in Louis’ hand, I was truly surprised. It was such an exciting moment and an indescribable feeling.”

While the proposal was absolutely beautiful there’s no denying that the betrothed couple will soon be experiencing a far more beautiful celebration: the birth of their child. But soon-to-be father, Louis, didn’t forget to incorporate his expected child into the proposal:

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Kevin Cucci/ArtCimages Photography

What do you think of this couple’s amazing maternity/engagement photoshoot, parents? Dads, let us know how you proposed, and Mums, tell us about your reaction!

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