Mumbai's horror: Uncle murders 11-year-old nephew for refusing unnatural sex

Mumbai's horror: Uncle murders 11-year-old nephew for refusing unnatural sex

Another case has been added to the long list of existing child sexual abuse cases in the country and this one will shock you to the core!

Over the past couple of months, horrifying stories about child sexual abuse have been reported. From the rape of an 11-month-old boy, to the rape and murder of a five-year-old girl to the rape of 9-year-old girl, among others.

Each of these horrid cases were a grim reminder of the urgent need for children's safety and faster processes to put the perpetrators behind bar. Unfortunately, the latter has always happened after a heinous crime had been committed, just as what happened in Mumbai this past week.

An 11-year-old boy was reportedly murdered by his own uncle after he refused to indulge in unnatural sex.

The body screamed and lost his life!

The boy, Rishi Waghela, allegedly went missing on November 22, post which his family reportedly filed a kidnapping report. They even put on photographs of their son across the city in the hope to find him.

Just four days later, Rishi's body was uncovered.

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On November 26, a dead Rishi was fetched out of the Versova creeks by a few fishermen. The police initially suspected that he drowned and died. But after his postmortem reports they learnt that he was strangulated.

In all this, his uncle, Ravi Waghela consoled the family and shed tears for the body. He was also missing from his home just days after Rishi went missing. All these factors made the police suspicious of him and they finally laid a trap to get him to confess the truth.

Police laid the trap to catch murdered uncle!

Senior Police Inspector Mahesh Desai told a daily, "Through technical assistance and ground network, we formed a team and laid trap for Ravi. We picked him up and we thoroughly questioned him. He confessed to the crime and he even showed us the spot where he murdered Rishi."

The police also found that he took the boy to the creek and tried to sexually abuse him, but when Rishi screamed, he murdered him.

Child sexual abuse statistics in India

This shocker comes in the wake on increasing numbers of child sexual abuse in the country.

According to the 2013 statistics shared by the National Crime Records Bureau, of all rapes, 12.5 percent of the total of 3,125 rape victims in India were minors.

Tips for parents

Parents must remember that child sexual abuse is a growing menace and if you notice your child acting aloof or fearful of people or shows poor academic results, it is an indication of sometime serious.

As the guardian, you must create an environment for the child to confide in you and always support them. This will ensure they share their abuse stories with you so you can take up the matter legally.

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