Mumbai strangulates her own son to protect daughter-in-law from violent abuse!

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Anwar Idrisi gave her daughter-in-law a solemn promise that she will protect her from her abusive son

In a desperate attempt to save her daughter-in-law's life, a Mumbai-based mother strangulated her 24-year-old abusive son.

The incident took place on Tuesday, post which the 45-year-old Anwari Idrisi reportedly confessed to murdering her son Nadeem Naim. After allegedly strangulating him with her own dupatta, she sat next to the body crying the whole night.

A promise led to the murder?

According to the Mankhurd police (the area where the murder took place), Idrisi lived with her three sons and her three daughters-in-law at the Ambedkar chawl in Mankhurd. Nadeem being the youngest, got married only two years back.

However, after just five months into his marriage, his wife left for her in-laws' place in Allahabad due to constant physical violence by her husband.

Idrisi reportedly told the police that Nadeem was an alcoholic and a drug addict, an information that was hidden from his wife. Since Idrisi did not want her daughter-in-law to leave, she made her a promise that she would protect her if her son ever raised his hand on her.

It seems that it was this promise that led to his wife returning to her in-laws' home in Ambedkar chawl.

The fateful night of abuse and retaliation!

However, all hell broke loose on Tuesday, the night of the murder.



“On Tuesday night, Nadeem came home in an inebriated state when the entire family was present. Anwari realised that Nadeem would become violent and ordered her sons and daughters-in-law to sleep in the neighbour’s house. Nadeem could not tolerate this and after everyone had left, he began beating his mother. She took the beating,’ inspector Chandrakant Landge, Mankhurd police station, told Hindustan Times.

When Nadeem became slightly tired, she reportedly pushed him towards a steel ladder. She then tied her dupatta to his neck and strangulated him to death.

Overcome by the loss, she sat next to his body and cried all night till her sons and daughters-in-law came back home the next morning. She narrated the incident from the night before to Nadeem's wife and even confessed to the murder to the police.

Although Idrisi has been booked for murder under IPC Section 302, her fate remains in the hands of the judiciary.

But the fact is this brutal incident may be one of the rare cases where a mother-in-law came out full-force to the defend her daughter-in-law and went against her own son. This, especially in a country where being a daughter-in-law is extremely difficult.

Daughters-in-law face a difficult fate in India?

Daughters-in-law are often subjected to rejection and brutality and most in-laws exploit her as opposed to making her feel like family.

A recent case in point is the suicide of the 20-year-old Salsha who committed suicide after being harassed for dowry by in-laws.

Mumbai strangulates her own son to protect daughter-in-law from violent abuse!

Salsha whose father is a Gulf-based businessman couldn't take the harassment anymore. Her in-laws kept pestering her for more even though they received close to Rs 50 lakh as dowry.

Unfortunately, this is not the first such case. And while we need stricter laws against domestic abuse and dowry deaths, what Idrisi did remains to be an open-ended debate.

We leave it upto you to decide.

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