OMG! Doctors remove LED bulb from seven-month-old girl's lungs

OMG! Doctors remove LED bulb from seven-month-old girl's lungs

In the two-minute Bronchoscopy, Ariba Khan was given a new lease of life by doctors of the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital. Read on to know why this happened.

A bizarre and somewhat scary incident has shocked parents across the country. Just last week, doctors in Mumbai reportedly removed an LED bulb from a seven-month-old baby's lungs.

Yes, you read that right.

In the two-minute Bronchoscopy, Ariba Khan was given a new lease of life by doctors of the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children. They performed the endoscopic technique. Here, a bronchoscope, which is a flexible fiber-optic material with light and camera at the end is inserted in the lungs.

So they used the bronchoscope to locate the bulb and used forceps and to take it out.

How did the LED bulb end up in Ariba's lungs?

The seven-month-old who hails from Chiplun in Ratnagiri accidentally swallowed the bulb while playing with a toy. The LED-bulb was 2 cm in diameter.

Initially the parents thought she swallowed a thread or a smaller part of the toy. So they rushed her to a local physician. However, he could not diagnose the problem and her condition began to get worse.

She was constantly coughing and became seriously unwell. That is when the parents admitted her to Wadia Hospital.

“The parents initially thought that Ariba had swallowed a thread or a small part of a toy. They took her to a local physician who couldn’t diagnose the condition. Her condition deteriorated within a week,” doctors told the Hindustan Times.

It was not an easy operation to remove the tiny object!

Here, Divya Prabhat, head of ENT department, Wadia Hopsital, informed the parents that a small object was lodged in Ariba's right lung.

"A primary bronchoscopy that the lung was full of granulation tissues (tissue and microscopic blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process). The tissues were hiding the object, thus making its removal difficult," Dr Prabhat adds.

To clear out these tissues, Ariba was given antibiotics and steroids for two days. By the third day, her lungs began to clear and the doctors performed the two-minute operation.

“Within two minutes this object, which initially looked like a strand of wire, was removed using forceps. To our surprise the object was a two-centimeter in diameter,” Dr Prabhat further added.

This incident once again highlights the importance of child proofing. It also brings to the fore the need for parents to be prepared for baby emergencies. As mentioned in our previous article, here are a few ways to child proof your home.

Babyproofing: 5 household hazards you must be careful about

  • Kitchen area: An infant can severely injure himself if he comes in close contact with hot pots and pans in the kitchen area. So make sure to babyproof your kitchen. If you are keen to keep an eye on him while you finish your kitchen chores, make sure to install a play area. Also keep your oven and microwave doors shut.
  • Bedding: Heavy bedding and too many soft toys in a newborn's crib can also be extremely dangerous. It can even lead to SIDS. Keep his crib simple and clean and do not add soft toys or fluffy padding.
  • Second-hand baby gear: We often reuse older kids' baby gear or buy them online, but sometimes crucial parts go missing and they become more dangerous than safe for the baby. So before using old clothes or toys or even baby gear such as high chairs, make sure to inspect it properly. Do not buy anything that is over 5 years old, for safety purpose.
  • Baby oils: Many baby oils often contain liquid hydrocarbons and can be dangerous for your baby if it enters his eyes or ears. So make sure to read all the labels properly and keep the lids closed at all times and the bottles away from his reach.
  • Your purse: Yes, you read that right! More often than not a purse may look harmless. But it can be quite dangerous around a baby. In his inquisitiveness he may try to open it and play with notes and coins. These are often unhygienic and dangerous

Remember, it only takes a second for a curious baby to run after a new object, so keep a close watch on your baby but also try to keep his play area as well as your home clean and safe.

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