This Mumbai couple has been married for 50 years and it is this one thing that has kept them together!

This Mumbai couple has been married for 50 years and it is this one thing that has kept them together!

"The biggest force that keeps us together and happy is acceptance," says the Mumbai couple whose life story is now trending on social media

It doesn't take much to get married, but it sure takes a lot to keep it going strong. That's exactly what this jovial and much-in-love couple also believe.

Featured on the Humans of Bombay page, this Mumbai couple (whose names haven't been revealed) has been married for 50 years and believe that the one thing that has kept them together all these years is their acceptance of each other.

In their short interview, the shared four of the most poignant secrets of a successful marriage and decoded what it takes to be happy together.

Materialistic things don't matter

"After 50 years of marriage you realize that the flowers, the chocolates and anything materialistic is of least importance. Sure they make you feel nice but it's the things that money can't buy that you value the most," she begins as she shares that it was the immaterial things that mattered most to them.

Supporting your spouse is very important

"About 30 years ago, he pushed me to do what I love and his support is the only reason I found my career path as an interior designer. I keep wanting to learn new things -- my latest hobby is to learn bridge and he keeps smiling at me as a I struggle to keep up!" she says describing how her husband encouraged her to follow her dreams.  

Acceptance is the key

As she continues, she emphasises that being simple and accepting of each helped them grow together.

"He's a simple soul, we've led a simple life and our togetherness is priceless. The biggest force that keeps us together and happy is acceptance. Accept your life partner and know that every human has faults -- and love is embracing your partner's flaws as your own, without trying to force change," she says.

Love cannot be forced

She also shared that it is the small things that made them happy and it is taking pleasure in these small things that keeps a marriage going.

"Love is anything but forceful. As for the happiest moment, I believe that one can take pleasure in the smallest of's what you choose to make of it. For me, right here, right now, enjoying soup with the man I love on a rainy day is the happiest so far," she signs off.

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Deepshikha Punj

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