Mum Twinkle Khanna is teaching daughter Nitara an important life lesson

Mum Twinkle Khanna is teaching daughter Nitara an important life lesson

The author was lauded by many mums who also shared their personal stories about their own daughters

Actor, author and interior designer, Twinkle Khanna juggles many roles at once. But if there is one role she is truly getting a pat on her back for, it's that of a mother.

Yes, you read that right!

The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad author who has many hard-hitting columns on women's right to her credit and is vociferous in her support for working women, recently shared a picture of her daughter in a unique superhero costume.

Be a strong woman

In her photograph, her four-year-old daughter Nitara Bhatia, is seen wearing a 'Thor' costume and wielding a toy hammer.

She even shared an empowering caption with a photograph that read: "Why settle to play the helpless princess when you can be the hammer-wielding Thor #HammeringItIn."

This truly defined her idea of raising Nitara, not as a helpless princess but one who can take care of herself. And, it is this ideology that saw many mums lauding Twinkle. They even shared their own personal stories of parenting as comments to this picture. Sample these:


But this is not the first time the Kumars have come out in support of this gender-neutral approach of parenting.

Gender-neutral parenting by the Kumars

In an interview sometime back, doting dad Akshay Kumar shared that he wanted his daughter to learn self-defense and that he didn't want her to rely on others to be safe.

A photo posted by Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) on

“I can only protect my daughter if she learns to protect herself. I wish I could hold her hand for the rest of her life, but I know that that’s just a father’s dream,” he shared.

The Baby star also added he was going to have her enroll in self-defense classes for her own good, whether she liked it or not.

“Whether she likes it or not, she will have to learn these self-defense techniques. I already have a feeling that Nitara’s going to be a little Ninja. There is power in her big brown eyes, and I can’t wait to put that to some good use,” he shared.

We won't be surprised to see Nitara hopping off to a self-defense class, just as her elder brother Aarav did, and happened to now be a black belt holder in Kudo. These are also great values we must teach our daughters, not only when they older, but when they are fairly young, just as mum Twinkle Khanna.

3 life-lessons our daughters must learn

  • Don't be a damsel in distress: As one of the mums responded to Twinkle, a girl doesn't have to be a damsel in distress. Instead, she can just be a strong damsel who doesn't need a Prince Charming to help her in distress. Enroll your daughters in self-defense classes, just as the Kumars and help them help themselves.
  • Empower yourself with progressive thoughts: We must also teach our girls to not discriminate against anybody based on caste, creed, sex or religion and not in the constitutional sense. Lead by example and explain why we must respect everybody's life choices.
  • Uplift other women: This is an important life-lessons we must teach our girls. As opposed to taking criticism by the same gender as negative, we must take it as constructive feedback and work to better ourselves.

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