Mum Twinkle Khanna is confident her daughter Nitara will do THIS one day!

Mum Twinkle Khanna is confident her daughter Nitara will do THIS one day!

Twinkle Khanna has been giving us major parenting goals and she just added another feather to her smart cap!

How often do you tell your daughter that you are proud of her? That you are extremely happy with her achievements and that you will support her no matter what she chooses to do in life?

Perhaps not many times.

And if that's exactly what you thought as well, then it's time to make some changes in your parenting style. Think about it, what child wouldn't love to hear that they make their parents proud? Frankly speaking, their achievement is a reflection of our own parenting skills.

So if you haven't called your kid out and said that you are proud of them, then perhaps you can take a cue from mum Twinkle Khanna.

In her own witty and subtle ways she has time and again reiterated that she is extremely proud of her kids' achievements, whether academic or extra-curricular.

Twinkle knows how to appreciate her kids

And a recent example her appreciation was when she shared a picture of her darling daughter Nitara playing in their backyard.

Along with the photograph Khanna wrote: "One day she will fill my shoes but right now I have to make do with sand #sandsoftime."

The mum is clearly sure that her daughter Nitara will make her proud one day and stand on her on two feet, just as she herself did. Let's not forget, Twinkle started out as a star kid following in her parents' footsteps, but slowly realised her true potential. Today, she is an established interior designer, a columnist and a popular author.

Naturally, her expectations from her daughter to make it on her own are also high. But the fact that she is appreciative of her, just like any other regular parent would and should, shows that stardom has nothing to do with good parenting.

Parenting done right

Apart from appreciating their kids Aarav and Nitara, famous parents are also making sure that their kids are self-reliant and are able to stand on their own without any support. No wonder then he quite recently stated that his kids will not inherit his wealth, but will have to work hard on their own.

Why settle to play the helpless princess when you can be the hammer-wielding Thor #HammeringItIn

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The star parents also make sure that even the smallest achievement of their children should be appreciated so that it can encourage them to work harder. Whether it is Aarav's Kudo achievements, or their confidence in Nitara, they are working towards positive parenting, just as many parents should.

That's why we feel there are many takeaways from Kumars' unique parenting style!

3 things star parents Akshay and Twinkle are doing differently

  • Teaching their kids self-reliance: When you have the means to buy an island for yourself and your children know it, they expect everything to be given to them on a silver platter. And that's precisely what the Kumars are avoiding. They are raising their kids as any middle class parent and will not even sign off their wealth to them!
  • Being involved in their lives: Often times it gets difficult for working parents to be wholly involved in their kids' life, although this may not be true for most Indian parents, some are forced by circumstances. But it seems the Kumars want to make sure their kids concentrate on being the best version of themselves, whether academically or otherwise.
  • Rooting for their kids's dreams: Twinkle often shares pictures of her kids' extra-curricular activities and writes an inspiring message of appreciation and pride. That's precisely what encourages kids to be better and work harder and follow their dreams.

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