Mum-to-be Shveta Salve has written the most amazing letter to her unborn child!

Mum-to-be Shveta Salve has written the most amazing letter to her unborn child!

"I can't wait to hear your first cry, to feel your soft skin against mine, smell your beautiful babyness," writes Shveta Salve as part of a post of Pyjama People

Soon-to-be-mum and television actor Shveta Salve, has never shied away from expressing herself articulately. In fact, it is this intelligence that makes her stand out from the crowd and make bold statements.

While in the past she made heads turn with her super hot pregnancy style and her bumpy bikini-clad sojourns. Quite recently, she left everybody in aww of her with her super cute bumpy ramp show and a spectacular pregnancy shoot!

But now she has another surprise for everybody, and this one will make you go 'Aww!'

As a part of a larger post for the blog, Pyjama People, Salve has penned an 'aww'mazing letter to her unborn baby.

shveta salve

In her letter she talks about how her journey through pregnancy has made her come closer to her unborn baby. But let's not spoil it for you by explaining every word. Have a look at it yourself and perhaps it will take you back to your days of pregnancy!

Dear baby,

Now it's all on you. Your mamma is as ready as she can be!

I promise you this: no matter what, I'm going to be by your side just like always. I've been these last few months - with every breath I take and every morsel I eat. I will continue caring for you and putting all your needs before mine.

shveta salve

I can't wait to hear your first cry, to feel your soft skin against mine, smell your beautiful babyness. Sorry, you heard me complain about silly stretch marks, saggy boobies and no sleep. I promise to wear my Tiger stripes with pride. It means I've nourished your body, and that's what matters. I'll stay up with you all night long (and make sure Daddy does as well!).

Know this: I already love you so much! You make me complete.

Continue reading to see the most amazing thing she has written for her mum, which we should all say to them once in a while. 

In her long blog post, she also writes about her mother's support that has helped her through this 'bumpy ride.'

My mum was my best friend

"Whenever I hit a wall or was confused, my mum was my best friend. And, trust me there’s no app or book beats a person who is truly a BFF4Life. They say your pregnancy mirrors your mother’s. If she had stretch marks, you probably will too; if she had strange cravings, you might have the same ones; if she overshot her due date, you will too," she writes.

shveta salve

So, my advice is: when in doubt ask mom, that usually applies to most things in life but in this case it’s bang on the money. She is the one person who will know what you are experiencing and will empathise with you when needed and encourage you when you are down. After all, her baby is having a baby," she adds.

My birthing plan

"Here I am, at this juncture in my life waiting the beginning of the end of these 40 weeks...," she writes.

"Birthing is the most natural action in the world. A woman has to experience the emotion of birthing, and a Baby has to pass through the passage feeling what she’s going through to bring it safely into this world, only then a mother and a child are born…together!!..."

"I’ve always envisioned myself having a birth plan that’s holistic. The gracious transfer of my baby from his tender womb-home to warm water in the birthing pool seems right, I think. Slowly introducing my child to learn to take his first breath, the skin to skin connection with his life-giver; opening his eyes to see all the people who can’t wait to welcome him. I want to bring this child into the world as organically as I can. I want him to be surrounded by love and blessings..."

shveta salve

I have done my study and research in regards to this form of birthing. I have had prenatal classes with my midwife; bought my birthing pool; arranged the necessary paraphernalia; set up an emergency backup plan (regardless of what I have envisioned for my baby, I want a Plan B.) I’ve nurtured my nesting stage by decorating the baby corner in my house by building the crib, pre-softening my babies new clothes and swaddles, putting up the fairy lights, etc.

So dear baby,

Now it’s all on you. Your mamma is as ready as she can be!

Well, this is certainly inspiring!

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