THIS simple diet helps mum of three Kanika Kapoor maintain a svelte figure

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Read on to know svelte mum Kanika Kapoor's simple diet and exercise routine!

With chartbuster hits like Baby Doll, Jugni Ji and Chittiyan Kalaiyaan in her kitty, blue-eyed singer Kanika Kapoor is pretty much a household name now. She is recognised wherever she goes and people scream her name in unison at sold-out concerts.

But the situation wasn't always like this. Till a few years back, this mum-of-three was leading the life of a well-off homemaker in London. However, she wasn't all that happy.

A single mum of three

“I had everything at my disposal - from private planes to yachts to the choicest brands. But I was terribly unhappy. I had diamonds galore but there was no love, no respect. I was miserable in the marriage," she shared.

But like many women in her situation, she couldn't leave it all behind for the sake of her three children.

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“I was dependent financially on my husband. My biggest fear were the kids – where would I go with them? Women waste a lot of time sulking and in self-pity. They need to get up and get out of that,” says the popular singer who after three years of separation filed for divorce in 2012.

Today, Kapoor lives in a small apartment in London. “I now live with my three kids (one son Yuvraj who is 11, and two daughters who are Aayana, 10, and Samara, 7) at a small apartment in Knightsbridge. My mother has moved to London and the both of us look after my kids,” she says.

Between diving her time at her home in London and work in Mumbai, this mum-of-three knows how to remain fit and maintain her svelte self. But how does she do it?

Kanika's simple workout and diet routine!

While speaking to a daily Kapoor revealed that while managing kids and work, sometimes fitness takes a backseat, but she is still very particular. She also shared the workouts that she does to maintain a svelte figure.

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The mum of three also shared that being active is the key and that she feels more confident when she looks better. As for her workout regime she reveals, "Every morning I start with yoga.  Then I train in the gym three times a week, usually in the evening. To achieve the shape that I want, I have cut down on a lot of fatty food and sugar mainly."

But that's not all, she also follows a strict diet that you can easily replicate.

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"I wake up to a glass of hot water with lemon. Then I have a two egg white omelette with a whole papaya. For lunch, I have very light green vegetables, one besanki roti and yoghurt. Sometimes I have brown rice. For snacks in the evening, I have biscuits with tea because I love tea and with that I have a nice fruit chaat or a fruit salad. Sometimes I have bhel. For dinner I have a bowl of soup and sometimes it is fish or chicken. But I make sure I eat by 7.30 pm and then no food at all," she says.

All mums must take out time for themselves

Kapoor also shared that women, especially mothers must make it a point to workout and give their bodies sometime as well.

"For all the mothers, I would say that half of depression comes from your fat. Some people are happy with it while others are not. You lose self confidence when you gain weight because you aren’t comfortable looking that way. For me, the moment I gain weight I just don’t feel good about it. So I rush to the gym and start with my diet," she shares.

That surely is true! If you are interested to know more about the yoga asanas that can help you get skinny legs then read this.

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