Sridevi shares candid details about how her daughters behave with her at home!

Sridevi shares candid details about how her daughters behave with her at home!

The actor made some shocking revelations about her two daughters' needy behaviour and nakhras!

Sridevi has donned many hats over the years. She started off as a child artist and went on to become one of the most bankable stars in the country. She then moved on to two of the most important roles of her life- that of a homemaker and a mother.

In being true to her new roles, the Chandni star stayed away from work for several years only to return in a blockbuster hit in 2012. Ever since, she has donned another hat as a guide and has been grooming her daughters for their big onscreen debut.

Sridevi shared details of her girls' behaviour

So while both the girls look well-groomed from the outside, only Sridevi knows how they really behave, and she recently dished out all the dirty little secrets about her two girls.

The English Vinglish star shared that while she is extremely close to both her daughters, one of them is quite independent, while the other constantly needs her attention.

"More than Khushi, Janvi needs me around"

While speaking to a daily Sridevi revealed, "Yes, they are very independent, but they obviously need me around time to time. More than Khushi, 16, Janvi, 19, needs me around."

She then went into the details of her daughters' relationship with their parents.

"They are friendly with both of us. Khushi is closer to Boneyji and Janvi is closer to me. Janvi, I feel is more like me — absolutely obedient...At the same time, Khushi is also obedient, but will not sit on the wall for two hours, but I think Jaanu will... Both my children are extremely attached to us. Janvi seeks more attention from me while Khushi can manage things on her own," she shared.

Janvi does a lot of nakhras

The actress also revealed that while Khushi is a bit easy-going, Janvi throws tantrums sometimes.

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"Though Janvi’s grown up now, sometimes I still have to feed her. She won’t eat properly at certain times so I have to make sure that she eats properly. Sometimes she tells me to put her to sleep so all these nakhras she does. Khushi has always been a very independent person right since childhood," Sridevi shared.

"Our children know their limits"

But even though Sridevi puts up with her daughter's nakhras, she is particular about maintaining discipline.

"We balance it out. Sometimes I am strict and he says, okay, fine, you can’t just be so strict or the other way around. But the bottom line is our children know their limits," Sridevi explained about her parenting style.

Well, it seems that Sridevi doesn't mind dishing out secrets about her daughters' behaviour, but is certain that her daughters will not disappoint her. Her relationship with her two daughters is the perfect example of how new-age parents are turning into their teenagers' friends.

And if you're wondering how to do it yourself, here are our suggestions.

3 ways to befriend your teenager

  • Don't clip their wings: If you are consistent in your parenting style and have made your limits and expectations clear with your kids, they will know the consequences of their actions from quite early on. This way you can negotiate the amount of freedom you can give them on the basis of your trust.
  • Treat them like grownups: Teenagers cannot wait to be grownups so if you treat them like one, they will not only like it, they might actually become more friendly with you. This can also help them open up to you and you can still be their most crucial guide.
  • Ask questions: You have every right to know where your child is and what they plan to do with their friends. But that doesn't mean you become an interrogator. Listen intently to the details they share with you and lay out your guidelines and tell them that they have your trust.

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