Mum Shilpa Shetty Kundra is not forcing son Viaan Raj to take up THIS vocation!

Mum Shilpa Shetty Kundra is not forcing son Viaan Raj to take up THIS vocation!

Concerned mum Shilpa Shetty Kundra is clearly doing parenting right!

Every parent hopes for a bright and successful future for their child. But in the process, they often end up projecting their own unfulfilled desires on them.

But celebrity mum Shilpa Shetty Kundra is making a conscious decision to no do just that!

Often touted as the best dancer in the country, Kundra is not trying to force her son to follow suit. She has no intentions of making him a dancer.

In fact, she recently revealed that her 7-year-old son Viaan has a rather unique interest and she is backing him up a 100 percent.

"My son has a natural interest in gymnastics. So I am encouraging that"

"See, that is the wrong thing... To force my dream to my son. My son has a natural interest in gymnastics. So I am encouraging that. I believe that parents should not force their dream on their children," she told a daily.

The doting mum also added that she believed every child was special and was sent on earth to fulfill a unique purpose. Therefore, forcing them to do anything else is wrong on the part of the parents.

"Every child is special, and has come with a purpose. I think parents should encourage them to achieve their dream. So, I urge, let them dream, let them be achievers," she shared.

A noble thought indeed.

Shilpa's revelation about Viaan's interest in gymnastics comes close on heels to another revelation she recently made about her son.

"He still doesn't know the concept of being popular"

The fittest mum in town shared that since they were bringing him up in the most ordinary way possible, Viaan is still getting a hang of her stardom and asks rather curious questions.

"As a child, Viaan has no sense of why people are coming to take pictures of me. He still doesn't know the concept of being popular and famous. I can see that he has now gradually started to get his head around it. Now he is like, 'Mama you are famous,'" she shared.

'Why do they call you Shilpa Shetty?'

She added, "Whenever he sees me on the television, he knows that I am famous. His friends call me Shilpa Shetty and he often gets curious and asks, 'Why do they call you Shilpa Shetty?'. It’s wonderful to interact with children. They come up the most interesting questions."

Well, these revelations make it clear that even though this yummy mummy is quite a famous name in India, she is bringing up son as regularly as possible. And most appreciatively, she is encouraging him to follow his heart.

But while encouraging kids is important for them to succeed, there are a few other things parents can do to help their kids become successful and empowered.

3 things parents can do to help kids achieve success

  • Encouraging healthy living: A healthy body leads to a happy mind which in turn helps to be more creative. Encourage your kids to eat healthy and work on being active. Start from the very beginning by helping them not become picky eaters. Be a little creative and involve yourself in physical activity along with them so it benefits you as well as your kid.
  • Give them a responsibility: You can start with something as basic as a plant and progress to a garden or even a pet. This helps develop leadership qualities as well as empathy and responsibility. Your kid will also learn to be more patient and caring if he has a live project at hand.
  • Encourage sharing within community: You do not have to drag your child to an NGO to prove what sharing means. You can begin at home. Ask your kids to share their time with their elders or enroll them in community outreach programmes.

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