Mum-in-law Sharmila Tagore has finally spoken about how bahu Kareena Kapoor Khan carried her pregnancy!

Mum-in-law Sharmila Tagore has finally spoken about how bahu Kareena Kapoor Khan carried her pregnancy!

"Kisi ki nazar na lag jaye," says grandmum-to-be and birthday girl Sharmila Tagore about her bahu Kareena

A woman's first pregnancy can be a tricky one. You don't know what to expect, you may go through morning sickness and are usually bombarded with tonnes of advice from friends and relatives.

So it's truly a feat if you manage your way out of these sticky situations while enjoying your pregnancy.

That's exactly what mum-in-law Sharmila Tagore thinks Kareena has done. On her 72nd birthday, the grandmum-to-be admitted that daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan has carried her pregnancy quite gracefully and that she is looking forward to spend time with Saif's baby.

"Kareena has carried her pregnancy effortlessly"

Sharing her thoughts on how Kareena has carried her pregnancy, Tagore says that she is a proud mum-in-law because of a very special reason.

"Kareena has been so lovely. She has carried her pregnancy effortlessly and gracefully…kisiki nazar na lag jaye. She is enjoying every moment of her pregnancy. She is dressing up, going out and being so natural and beautiful about it," she told DNA.

As for her own pregnancy, Tagore admits that at the time her priority was her family and while she did reject many films, she also worked throughout just as Kareena.

"Yes, I did (work through my pregnancy). For example, Safar. But while I was pregnant, I said no to many films, like Khilona, Tere Mere Sapne,Haathi Mere Saathi, Caravan, Kati Patang….films that made the careers of so many actresses. I don’t regret it at all. One has to do everything at the right time. That includes motherhood. I am now enjoying this grandmotherly phase of my life," says the doting grandmum to Saif's two kids with ex-wife Amrita Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan.

Continue reading to see what Sharmila Tagore says about why she did not hide her own pregnancy!

Pregnancy is not to be hidden

The modern grandmum also revealed candid details of her pregnancy and why she chose to not hide it and advised the same to her daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Responding to whether her pregnancy affected her career during her heydays Tagore says, "Even if it had, I didn’t hide my pregnancy. Why should I have? I wanted to plan a family and that was my priority at that point of time. I didn’t want to hide my pregnancy and then distress my producers. They were all thankful to me."

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Tagore also admitted that 2016 has been a fantastic year for the Pataudi family. She says that not only did it start on a good note but it also ending on one, thanks to Kareena and Saif's baby on the way!

"I am quite looking forward to being a grandmother again"

"The year started with Tiger’s (the late husband Mansur Ali Khan) birth anniversary. And we had a wonderful cricket match on the occasion. And now, we want to institutionalise the match to celebrate the day every year. Now the year ends with the birth of Kareena and Saif’s child. I am quite looking forward to being a grandmother again. It can’t get any better. We are all looking forward to this," says the doting grandmum.

It seems that the parents-to-be are not the only one's making special preparations for their baby, but their family members including bua-to-be Soha Ali Khan and grandmum-to-be Sharmila Tagore are also forward to a new beginning.

This famous family is also setting a precedence for the environment a pregnant mother must be in, as she prepares for her delivery.

3 ways families can support expecting mums

Any expecting mum would agree that a loving and stress-free environment is extremely important during pregnancy. In fact, even science has proved that mother's stress can greatly harm the foetus.

A stress-free environment not only helps make the pregnancy easy, but also ensures that you are well prepared with well-informed with information that is best for you. And those who can help you create a positive atmosphere at home is your family.

Dr Anuja Kapur, the Delhi-based clinical psychologist lists ways in which families can help expecting mums and expecting dads reduce pregnancy stress:

  • Physical support: The actual physical support of a family like sit with the expecting parents, play cards, watching movies, eating with them, spending quality time with them greatly helps them feel at ease.
  • Emotional support: The emotional support by the family at this phase helps the expecting fathers that they too are a part of this big moment of their life and they are being understood too. "This layer of emotional support for Dad can really shape his confidence throughout the pregnancy, and have a huge influence over his role as a father," says Dr Kapur.
  • All is well: Reassurance that everything is going to be OKAY is important. "The health of the mother and child will be fine as the experts are taking care of them. When reassurance is there, stress is naturally decreased, which makes for a much more positive labour and birth experience," says Dr Kapur.

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