Mum Kareena reveals why she will NOT throw a big bash on son Taimur's birthday!

New mum Kareena Kapoor Khan finally clears the air about her son Taimur's birthday and why she won't be throwing a grand bash for him.

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Taimur's birthday. It all started when maasi Karisma was questioned about her nephew's big day and she said it was going to be a small family affair.

"Yes, Taimur’s birthday is arriving and it is a special moment for us. The family is really very excited and thrilled about the same," revealed maasi Karisma.

She also added that while the family is super excited and they could have thrown a huge bash, they have decided to keep it simple and open just for closest family and friends. "We will have a family get together of sorts, and will not be having a big celebration," she shared.

But just weeks after her revelation, a source close to Kareena rubbished it and instead said, "Taimur’s birthday is more than a month away. There’s certainly no talk of making it simply a family get-together. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are planning a huge first birthday for their little one," shared the source adding that daadi Sharmila Tagore will join in the fun.

However, mum Kareena has finally spoken and shared the real truth behind her son's first birthday.

Taimur's birthday is going to be a family affair!

“Well, it’s going to be a family affair. It’s not going to be a big Bollywood party like how everyone sees it. It’s his first birthday and he should be with his family-- his parents and his grandparents. It’s going to be a small intimate thing," Kareena shared while speaking to the media at a runway show in Nairobi.

The Jab We Met star ruled out any grand bash or a theme party for her son and maintained that she plans to keep it very simple and homely.

This announcement by Kareena herself should shut trolls who have so far managed to create a buzz about a 'theme' party for Taimur's birthday. In fact, in doing so they are also trying to manage the publicity that their already famous son will get.

Taimur's birthday low-key

If you recall, Saif once shared that while he didn't want to hide his son, he was planning to send him away to a boarding in the UK for his own safety.

"Yes I am worried about him. I and Kareena have already discussed the stardom he already has around him and we have decided to send him to a nice boarding school in England. It will hopefully do the trick. It has done for everybody in the family,’ shared the concerned father.

No wonder then they are planning to keep his big day low-key. Plus, let's not forget that Kareena and Saif only want a family interaction so that everybody remembers this day fondly.

And it's a good idea for a first birthday because the baby obviously cannot understand anything about the party and it should be an intimate affair to celebrate his first big milestone.

Your baby's first big birthday must include these essentials

But it doesn't mean you shouldn't throw a big bash for your baby's first birthday. Here are three things you must bear in mind if you are planning to:

  • Separate breastfeeding and diaper changing areas: Make sure to prepare a place to change your baby's diaper and that it is clean and well-equipped for diaper emergencies. Also, you would need a space to breastfeed your baby and so it must be private and comfortable for you as well as for your baby.
  • Childproof the area: If you are organising the party in an enclosed space or even a park, make sure to demarcate the areas where your chid can crawl or try to walk. If you can possibly childproof the area, go for it. And make sure to stow away breakable and small toys.
  • Let the babies play together: If you're inviting other babies as well, make sure to keep them all playing together and fence the play pen for their own safety. Also make sure to keep pets away.

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