Kajol and Nysa are missing each other and their emotional Insta chat is proof!

Kajol and Nysa are missing each other and their emotional Insta chat is proof!

Now that Nysa has shifted to Singapore, Kajol is missing her daughter dearly. But so is Nysa. Here's proof!

With just a few weeks left for Nysa's new school term, the 14-year-old has already been sent to the Lion's Country. And given that this will be the first time she is staying away from her family, she is already feeling homesick.

You may recall that Nysa has been enrolled in the prestigious United College of Southeast Asia in the Lion Country and will start school in this fall.

But the physical distance between Nysa and her mum Kajol has already hit the emotional mum hard.

Nysa is missing mom very much!

In fact, she recently shared a throwback picture of Nysa, which led to a very emotional banter between her and daughter Nysa.

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Along with this image she wrote: "Wish that I could turn back the clock......"

And it wasn't just this emotional mother who was feeling the distance so much, it was also Nysa who immediately wrote back: "Miss you...(emoticons)."

But that wasn't just it. Seeing her daughter's response Kajol couldn't hold back and expalined just how badly she missed her little girl and how the house felt dimmer without the light of their lives.

And so is Kajol...

To Nysa's message Kajol then replied: "Miss you too baby. The house is just weird without you. The lights seem a little dimmer and the tv is just too loud." Now that's certainly emotional.

But this is one phase the emotional mother-daughter duo will have to go through and is still better for Kajol because Nysa is in Singapore, which is closer as opposed to some preferred European countries.


You may know that the preferred location for higher education for most celebrity kids is the UK, but the Devgans have chosen the Lion's Country because of its proximity and academic excellence.

Either way, their decision is clearly solely driven by the motivation of providing the very best of education for their kids and helping them better groom themselves.

"We will support them"

In fact, Kajol recently spoke about Nysa's future career plans and added that as a supportive parent, she along with her husband Ajay will encourage their daughter to follow her own dreams.

"Ajay is a very understanding and accepting father. We won’t force our kids to take the profession we are in, but if they want it themselves, we will support them," shared the 43-year-old mum.

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She also revealed her close relationship with her two kids.

Kajol shared, "As for my relationship with my children, I hope it keeps changing with time, age and maturity for one reason that at one point of time I felt they were quite helpless."

The Dilwale actor further added, "They grew into being individuals and hopefully I have brought them up well enough that I know a good mother and god willing I will turn into a great friend eventually."

And while supporting kids is important for them to succeed, there are a few other things parents can do to help their kids become successful and empowered.

3 things parents can do to help kids achieve success

  • Encouraging healthy living: A healthy body leads to a happy mind which in turn helps to be more creative. Encourage your kids to eat healthy and work on being active. Start from the very beginning by helping them not become picky eaters. Be a little creative and involve yourself in physical activity along with them so it benefits you as well as your kid.
  • Give them a responsibility: You can start with something as basic as a plant and progress to a garden or even a pet. This helps develop leadership qualities as well as empathy and responsibilities. Your kid will also learn to be more patient and caring if he has a live project at hand.
  • Encourage sharing within community: You do not have to drag your child to an NGO to prove what sharing means. You can begin at home. Ask your kids to share their time with their elders or enroll them in community outreach programmes.

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