5 types of mum friends that every new mother needs in her life!

5 types of mum friends that every new mother needs in her life!

Who says you have to lose friends once you become a mum? These are the 5 kinds of supportive friends that keep every new mum sane.

You might have heard that your friend circle is doomed to dwindle after having children. With chores to do and little ones to keep an eye on, you have so much less time to keep up with your old friends, let alone make new ones.

Though maintaining friendships may be at the bottom of your to-do list, having social support can keep you sane and healthy in the whirlwind of motherhood. A study by Harvard Women’s Health Watch shows that strong friendships can help combat depression, trigger the release of stress-releasing hormones and, even reduce heart problems later in life!

The new mum journey can be stressful and tiring, but having these five types of mum friends will get you through the toughest days.

1) The older mum friend

5 types of mum friends that every new mother needs in her life!

This is the mum friend who’s seen it all and done it all — shrieking babies don’t faze her and strange-coloured poo never panics her.

Being a new mum means being constantly thrown into unfamiliar situations, with a little life depending on you to figure things out. Wouldn’t it sometimes be reassuring to reach out to an experienced mother for guidance and comfort? The older mum friend is like a friendly Goddess amidst the chaos of new motherhood, dishing out wisdom and providing a calming presence.  

2) The friend who’s in the same situation

Everything seems much easier when you have someone to commiserate with. Nothing beats sharing your new mum problems with a friend who gets exactly what you’re going through—because she’s facing it too!

Not only can you laugh about your baby struggles together, you can also rely on her for all the practical details. Be it spare baby wipes or runs to the store for baby formula, your partner in baby crime is best-equipped to help.

3) The Pinterest mum friend

5 types of mum friends that every new mother needs in her life!

You know the one. It’s the friend who never seems to run out of creative energy, pulling gorgeous birthday cakes, classy mum outfits, and handcrafted playroom decor out of thin air. This friend can inspire you with her creative approach to motherhood, encouraging you to get started on the fun projects you’ve dreamed of working on.

At the same time, don’t forget that there’s never any pressure to be a picture-perfect mum! Doing what works for you and embracing the messy reality of mumhood is far more important.

4) The friend with a big heart and listening ear

5 types of mum friends that every new mother needs in her life!

There are times when you feel you could rant and/or gush endlessly about your motherhood experiences. That’s when you turn to the friend who patiently listens, making sympathetic noises at exactly the right moments.

This saint-like mum mate never gets bored of asking what your little crawler did yesterday. She’s always concerned about how you are holding up. Plus she always makes time to listen to the tiniest details of your mummy life without interrupting to talk about her own tots. Just remember to lend her a listening ear in return!

5) The friend who is happily childfree

Conventional wisdom dictates that new parents hang out less with their childfree friends. Once your baby is born, your world (understandably) revolves around him, and you might worry about boring your non-parent friends with tales of his adorable new outfit or his first word.

Sometimes, however, you need friends who bring with them another world outside diaper changes. Like a breath of fresh air, your non-parent friends will be there to talk about the news, the latest movies, or even the weather, when parenting burnout threatens. Though your child rightly takes center stage, these friends can remind you of other interests to round out your new life as a mum.

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