Esha FINALLY reveals her due date and secret to looking fit during pregnancy

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The radiant Esha Deol not only revealed her due date but also her secret to having a fit and toned body during pregnancy.

The glowing mum-to-be Esha Deol has been busy with a lot of activities over the last few months. From a family babymoon, to maternity photoshoots and from designing her baby's nursery to learning new skills from her mum-in-law.

Esha has been an active expecting mum.

But even with all these reported activities, she hasn't really divulged many details about her pregnancy and even her due date. But Deol is finally ready to share everything and she did.

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Esha finally reveals her due date

While speaking to an entertainment daily, Deol shared that she was now at the fag end of her second trimester and is slowly treading close to her due date, which is "October end or early November."

The radiant expecting mum also added that she was planning to deliver the baby in India and had no intensions of taking her little bub outside the country immediately.

"Yes. I don’t want an international passport for my child, I am happy with an Indian one," she shared. However, choosing a place to deliver is not the only preparation she has done for the baby so far. She also spoke about buying clothes (whether or not) for the baby as well the nursery she has been working on.

"We don’t buy clothes until the baby is born. But I have done a little bit of decor shopping for the nursery," she shared.

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Nobody knew about the pregnancy officially

Interestingly, while her in-laws as well as mummy Hema Malini are now quite invested in her pregnancy, none of them knew about it for a long time, since the couple hid it so well. But, all for a good reason.

"Nobody knew it officially. You only tell after three months na? I hadn't told even my mom and dad about it. But somehow they had guessed that I was carrying," she shared adding that once the news was out, their reaction was priceless.

"Delight, and then they gave me lots of good wishes and blessings. I am happy that I have many lovely well wishers and by God’s grace, I am doing very well," she shared. And as for all the rumours about living with mummy now during pregnancy and even after that, Esha says, "No, but I keep visiting her. We have our own floor in her newly renovated building na?"

Some unique baby names on the cards?

Now well into her way to her third trimester, the couple are thinking about names for the baby but they haven't finalised any yet. And Deol has a very good reason for that.

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"No, it’s too soon. I am spontaneous and impulsive, so once we get there or maybe closer to the due date, we will zero down on some names," shared the fit mum-to-be who has a good secret up her sleeves for looking toned and fabulous during pregnancy.

Esha's secret to looking fit and fabulous during pregnancy

"I am doing some pre-natal yoga, it’s very relaxing. Baki toh (rest), I am just looking forward to October- November," shared the glowing 35-year-old who has proved that at this age also one can have a successful pregnancy. All you need are a few precautions and of course, some routine scans.

In case you're also expecting and are close to 35 or above, here are a few scans and tests you must get done or talk to your ddoctor about.

5 routine scans for pregnancy after 35

While age is an important factor for getting pregnant; if a woman follows a healthy diet, exercises regular and maintains a healthy lifestyle, then pregnancy after 35 years of age can be a successfully and enjoyable experience.

But it also means that expecting mums who are either 35 or above must also make sure to have the following tests undertaken for the safety of their unborn baby.

  • Amniocentesis: This prenatal test aims to detect risk of Down Syndrome, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, Tay-Sachs, and similar diseases.
  • Nuchal translucency screening: Also called the NT or nuchal fold scan, this non-invasive test
  • MaterniT-21 Plus test: This new blood test is done as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy (weeks before more invasive tests like amniocentesis) and can detect Down syndrome and other chromosome abnormalities, including trisomy 18, 13, and sex chromosome abnormalities.
  • Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS): Also used to detect birth defects, genetic diseases, and other problems during pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound: This has to be carried out every trimester or as the doctor deems fit to check the progress of the pregnancy and the growth of the baby.

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