Mum Aishwarya stopping Aaradhya from doing THIS on her birthday is so like all of us!

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While Aaradhya was happily posing like carefree, little girl, mum Aishwarya had her eyes on her.

There are certain things that you can notice about the genes from the very childhood. And when it comes to little Aaradhya’s penchant for posing for photographs we can really see that she got it from her famous mum.

Lately, both Aishwarya and Abhishek are taking Aaradhya on public outings and it is quite evident that the couple is now comparatively at ease with their daughter getting photographed.

Aaradhya too seems quite a camera ready and she has been striking quite a few too-cute-to-miss poses both on the red carpet and during her public outings.

But still, looks like mum Aishwarya is mindful of certain rules when getting clicked and she also ensures that her little daughter follows them too.

Aishwarya reminds us of all the mothers out there

Recently at Aaradhya Bachchan’s birthday part, all eyes were naturally on her. Post the celebrations when the celebrity parents came out to pose with the photographers along with the birthday girl, the six-year-old was only too happy to strike a pose.

aaradhya's birthday

Aaradhya’s birthday celebrations

But while she was happily posing like carefree, little girl, mum Aishwarya had her hawk eyes on her.

Just when, Aaradhya tried to strike a cutesy pose by lifting an end of her dress and posing with a broad smile, mum Aishwarya quickly sprung into action and gently asked her to leave her dress. Watch the video here:

Isn’t this little action relatable on so many levels? While kids in their innocence jump and pose as they would like to the mums are always there in the background to scrutinize if their babies are behaving well. Also, many times we want that one picture that has everything in place and looks perfect.

Double the pressure?

Perhaps as celebrity parents both Aishwarya and Abhishek feel double the pressure. It is no secret that in today’s world of social media every single picture or move is being noticed and documented thousands time over.

While for celebs, keeping this in consideration while also guarding the privacy of their kids can be a monumental task, we like that Ash is a hands-on, cautious mum like all of us mortal mums out there.

Perhaps this quick thinking and action come from years of posing in front of the camera and knowing how the world of spotlight really works.

It may be noted that sometime back when Aishwarya and Abhishek were getting out of their car and the paparazzi suddenly surrounded them, it was Abhishek who stepped in to ensure that his wife is not discomforted by the cameras zooming on her in uncomfortable postures.

We like that the Bachchan family has each others’ backs always!

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