Newly-wed Narayani Shastri doesn't want kids because of THIS reason!

Newly-wed Narayani Shastri doesn't want kids because of THIS reason!

"I don't want children, I am very sure of that," says the bold and beautiful Narayani Shastri

Television actor Narayani Shastri who rose to fame with popular soaps like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kkusum surprised everybody with the news of her wedding last year.

The actor who had been living in with Britisher Steven Graver aka Tony, married him in a private ceremony at home and managed to keep it under wraps for one and a half year.

"We didn't want to get married"

The couple conducted a registered wedding in casuals and was an impromptu decision.

"One day we were talking and we said okay let's get it done so we called up the registrar and there were just 5-6 people in the house when we signed and we got married," she told a daily.

“I didn't want to get married in the first place. We have been together for almost 7 years and we didn't want to get married because we knew we will be together forever," she added.

She also revealed how they decided on the date and the way to get married.

"We actually got married because one day we were wondering ‘Why don’t we want to tie the knot, given that the two of us want to be together always?’ It was rather strange. This thought came to us one day and we called the registrar the next day. I was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and had only my mother and a few close friends at the wedding. We did not want to blow it out of proportion. Tony and I needed some time to get comfortable with the idea of being married and now, we are comfortable with the thought,” Narayani told the daily.

The 39-year-old who will now be seen on the show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh says that she didn't reveal the news of her wedding because nobody suspected or asked her about it.

“It’s not that I would deny it if somebody asked me; I hadn’t committed a crime! It’s just that I wouldn’t go to anyone and say, ‘Hey, I got married’,” says the telly star.

"I met him through my best friend"

In fact, her British husband has now moved to Mumbai to be with his wife. But many still don't know much about him! So who is Tony?

“He doesn’t miss London and is very happy in Mumbai. He has been in India for the past eight years and he loves the people here. I met him much later; we have been together for only five years now. I met him through my best friend," says Shastri.

The doting wife who loves to share pictures of the two on her Instagram also explained his profession and what he does in Mumbai.

"Tony loves his work — he is a creative director with a company. Basically, he is an artist and if you see his paintings, you’ll be amazed. They are not like paintings, they look like photographs!," she shared.

"I don't want children"

As for the next question every married woman gets asked- "Ab baby kab hoga?" Shastri has a fabulous response!

"I have two dogs and three cats and the whole day we are just taking care of them, I don't know if we will be able to take care of kids!...I don't want children, I am very sure of that. But I was very sure of not getting married too. So you never know, ho sakta hai (it could happen)," says the actor whose closest friend Shveta Salve recently became a mum.

But in case she does decided to have kids naturally, there are a few precautions she may have to take since is over 35 years of age.

Precautions for pregnancy over 35

Dr Nupur Gupta, gynaecologist and director, Well Women Clinic, Gurgaon, recently spoke to to explain. “Although age is important factor for getting pregnant, it loses steam if a woman follows a healthy diet, regularly exercises and maintains a healthy lifestyle after 35-years of age. Such women can carry the pregnancy successfully,” she says.

She lists the following ways by which you can ensure a safe and successful pregnancy post 35-years.

  • Visit the gynaecologist to discuss your overall health and to check for any pre-existing diseases
  • Seek regular prenatal care. “Regular prenatal visits help your health care provider monitor your health and your baby's health. Mention any signs or symptoms that concern you. Talking to your health care provider is likely to put your mind at ease,” she says.
  • Start to eat a healthy diet and include super foods and diet rich in iron, calcium, folate, fiber and all other essential nutrients
  • Gain weight wisely and do not go on a hogging spree just because you are ‘eating for two’
  • Do regular physical activity to stay fit, healthy, active and energetic
  • Intake of alcohol, tobacco and drugs are off-limits during pregnancy
  • Clear any medications or supplements with your health care provider ahead of time and learn about prenatal testing for chromosomal abnormalities

For more, read: Getting pregnant after 35 is possible with a healthy lifestyle

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