Is MS Dhoni setting the gold standard in raising confident daughters? We think so!

Is MS Dhoni setting the gold standard in raising confident daughters? We think so!

A father's relationship with his daughter is one of the key determinants in a woman's ability to enjoy a successful life and marriage

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that MS Dhoni's 1.5-year-old daughter Ziva is cute as a button. And in none of her social media appearances thus far, has she managed to be anything otherwise.

This was visibly clear when the cutie posed for videos and pictures alongside her beautiful mum, Sakshi. And now that daddy dearest is on a break, she is spilling her charms on his social media accounts too!

Take a look at this recent post by Dhoni that has him having a private and fun moment with his bundle of joy.

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Dhoni is currently enjoying a vacation following the conclusion of the Zimbabwe tour.  So now that he has all the time, he has been posting adorable videos of himself with his little bub, using  cute Snapchat filters.

In fact, Sakshi Dhoni has also posted a video of the the father-daughter duo enjoying each other's company.


A video posted by Sakshi Singh Dhoni (@sakshisingh_r) on

In this video she got her little one to say the parents' name and you have to see how little ZIva ends her sentence! Simply adorable.

There is another video of the father-daughter duo that mum Sakshi shared, and this one is clearly all about making a "monkeyface."

#monkeyface ...

A video posted by Sakshi Singh Dhoni (@sakshisingh_r) on

This is not the first time this father-daughter duo has captured the attention of social media. Through Sakshi's Instagram account, fans around the world get a sneak peek of cute little Ziva and her adorable antics.

But this interaction is certainly a good relief from the regular grind, which kept the doting dad away from his bub for the longest time. In fact, during the Zimbabwe tour, Dhoni jokingly said at the post-match presentation ceremony that after one of the games that Ziva would not be able to recognise him.

He was pointing to the fact that he barely had much interaction with Ziva due to his busy schedule. However, it seems he is catching up quickly and also setting an example of how fathers must be involved in the upbringing and lives of their daughters.

Continue reading to see why we think Dhoni is raising a confident girl.

While Dhoni does not get that much time with his daughter Ziva, he is making the most of it now by simply hanging out with her. And this fun style of his is surely giving us some pointers on raising confident daughters. Perhaps Dhoni is setting the gold standard in raising secure girls.

Here's why we think his parenting style is on point:

#1 His spare time is only for his bub

The videos and the pictures make it amply clear that he absolutely adores his daughter. And the more time he spends at home, the more relevant it is for him to keep that for his growing little daughter.

ziva and me

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According to psychologist Kevin Leman, who is a child development expert, "That evidence shows that a father's relationship with his daughter is one of the key determinants in a woman's ability to enjoy a successful life and marriage."

#2 His parenting style is as regular as regular gets

He seems like a regular normal parent (except that he is perhaps the world's most famous sportsperson) but his parenting style is just as regular. We are quite sure he is already teaching his little daughter many things.

And given how she has now started talking, she maybe picking up quite a few golden ruled from daddy dearest. Plus, look how confident she looks on camera! Way to go, little one!

#3 Gives ample opportunities to mum to take over

While daddy is out to play, mum goes to work all the way! For a busy personality such as himself, Dhoni is out and about for most part of the year. That leaves wife, Sakshi to work on all the parenting chops.

And by the looks of it, she seems to be doing a very good job at raising a poised little sweetheart.

#4 Doesn't shy away from expressing his love

Just like any other regular dad, it seems Dhoni is not shy to express his feelings for his little one. He shares her pictures on social media and isn't afraid to show her some love.

After all, there is nothing like a loving father!

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