This mother's touching letter to her son will surely leave you teary-eyed

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This mother's touching letter to her busy son proves how every mother knows exactly what her children need and when they need it

A mother's love is unconditional.

She knows everything about you. From your favourite colour to your preferred food. From your first love to your heartbreaks.

So she knows when to let you be and when to come for your help. And, she may know that on some days you would be very busy and won't have any time to spend with her or take care of yourself. Still, she will never give up on you and continue to run after you lovingly, just so you are all right.

But more often than not, we take her care for granted, sometimes even forgetting to acknowledge it.

So take out a moment from your busy schedules and watch this heartwarming video about a mother who knew exactly what her son needed.

The video has the mother writing a letter to her son as opposed to sending her a WhatsApp message. She wanted to connect with him better, she says.

Through the letter she pens her thoughts and her love in a few words.

mother's touching letter

She prepares her son's favourite food and packs the letter with it. Her loving message is then carried and delivered to her son by a Mumbai Dabbawala.

mother's touching letter

Continue reading to know what she writes and what happens when her letter reaches her son.

As he reads the letter and tastes his mother's food, the son realises how she misses him so. And finally thanks her for her undying love and care towards him.

mother's touching letter

"Thank You, Maa," he says.

So should we!

Take a look at this heartwarming video, it will surely bring tears to your eyes.

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