Beautiful videos: An ode to mum on Mother's Day!

Beautiful videos: An ode to mum on Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day, hold her tight and tell her you love her. Relate to her journey through these moving videos, each of them dedicated to the Mom.

Her love is unconditional

A mother sacrifices so much for us, puts up with our tantrums, yet expects nothing from us. Can we really get away with a 'thank you' in return?

Click on Continue reading and participate in the journey of her life

She is the wind beneath our wings

Remember the time when she helped you overcome stage fright? Or cheered you up when you had a bad day?

Did God bless her with multiple arms? Click on Continue reading to see more of this God-made wonder

Only a mom can set everything right again

She's not only a mom. She's a friend, a teacher, a dad even. It's incredible how she juggles these roles with such ease.

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No one understands you better than she does

There were times you were upset with the whole world. But she always managed to make you smile!

She wanted that last piece of jalebi, but she gracefully said no. Continue reading for all those sacrifices she made

She has put you before herself, all her life

The mom does it all for her kids and spreads out that big umbrella of love to fiercely protect them.

Sometimes you wonder if she could ever let go of you. Click on Continue reading to watch more

She thinks about you all the time

She handles a job which has no pay, no rest, and no appreciation. Yet she calls it the best job in the world. She may say she wont, but she looks out for you, wherever you are.

Remember the dal she makes? It has a special ingredient. It's called love. Click on Continue reading to connect to her feelings

Everything she does, she does it with love

You may be eating in the best restaurants in the world, everyday. But nothing can beat Maa ke haath ka khaana. This Mother's Day, remind her that her food, is soul food.

Click on Continue reading for your joy, is hers.

You are her best gift

Mother's Day for your mom is not about one day, it began from the time you were a heartbeat in her womb. She is like a beautiful sunbeam, lighting up our lives.

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She and you share something magical

She was over the moon when you uttered your first word, and took those first steps.  Even on Mother's Day, she will thank you, for making her a mum. Take pride in her journey, and if you are a mum, take pride in yours.

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Written by

Preeti Athri

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