Mother was almost arrested for breastfeeding in public

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She felt harassed, and shares that the she understands how shaming mothers who breastfeed in public can make them stop breastfeeding altogether.

Breastfeeding is a pretty normal thing to do. If you're a mother that wants the best for your child, nothing beats breastfeeding as it's free, it's very healthy for your baby, and it's convenient. Some people however, might think differently.

"No, I know what the law says"

Savannah Shukla thought that it was fine to breastfeed her one-month-old baby while she was doing shopping in a supermarket. She must've thought, "Hey, my baby's hungry, let me just feed him."

However, this was apparently a bad idea, as when they were about to leave, a Deputy approached her and said that she will need to cover up, saying that someone might find it "offensive."

stop shaming moms breastfeed

She then informed the Deputy that she is aware of the law and that "I can breastfeed however most comfortable wherever I want as long as I'm authorized to be there."

The Deputy then responds with "No ma'am that's not the case." To which Savannah replies, "No, I know what the law says."

At this point, the Deputy tells her that, "You just THINK you know what the law says. And if your nipple becomes exposed, I really don't want to have to arrest you, or you be arrested for being offensive. This isn't like the first amendment where you can say something offensive."

The Deputy even threatened that if someone were to see her nipple, he would be forced to arrest her.

The entire situation upset her to the point that she just walked away, went to her car, and cried. She felt harassed, and shares that the she understands how shaming mothers who breastfeed in public can make them stop breastfeeding altogether.

Let's normalize breastfeeding

Situations like these show how important it is that we should stop shaming moms who choose to breastfeed. Regardless of whether they choose to cover-up or not, it shouldn't really matter since there is nothing to be ashamed about when a mother is breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing that brings moms and their babies closer together. It's not only a way of keeping their child fed and healthy, but it's also a way for a mother to be closer with their child. Breastfeeding moms and their babies share a unique and special bond that makes both of them feel loved, wanted, and secure.

Mothers shouldn't be shamed when they breastfeed in public just because some people feel uncomfortable seeing a naked breast. In fact, we should be encouraging mothers that it's fine to breastfeed in public, especially if their baby is hungry. Hopefully, incidents like the one that happened to Savannah will soon cease to exist.

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