Courageous mother rejects cancer therapy to deliver a healthy baby

Courageous mother rejects cancer therapy to deliver a healthy baby

Mums will do anything it takes to protect their young and Kim Vaillancourt, is the perfect example. Read the amazing tale of this brave mum

Mothers will do anything to protect their children. It’s an undeniable fact about maternal instincts. A perfect example of this comes from the beautiful and inspiring story of Kim Vaillancourt.

Her inspirational tale began when she suffered from chronic headaches and migraines around Christmas of 2015. She and her husband, Phil, thought nothing of these constant pains at first. She was pregnant at this time and, being a mother of five (two of her own, three adopted), she thought nothing more of these headaches than a regular strain on the body as a result of the pregnancy.

As troubles persisted, she began to grow worried because she could no longer hold down her food, and was suffering from irregular flu symptoms. Fearing that her sickness was jeopardising the health of the baby she was carrying, Kim and her husband made a trip to the hospital to address their concerns.

It was then that Kim learned that her symptoms were not due to the pregnancy. She was suffering from an aggressive and life threatening condition known as glioblastoma. In other words, she had severe brain tumours. While this may seem tragic, the couple was lucky to discover the tumours when they did.

After discovering the severity of Kim’s situation, doctors soon operated on her to remove the life threatening tumours. One of the tumours had grown on the front of her brain, and the other had grown dangerously close to her brain stem. Despite the danger that the growths presented, the surgery was a success.

Unfortunately for Kim and Phil, glioblastoma isn’t easily defeated. With glioblastoma, it’s expected that tumours regenerate within 12 weeks after removal.

Since the diagnosis, Kim has been receiving MRIs bi-weekly to monitor and track any activity from the tumours. Thankfully, she’s been able to persevere despite the tumultuous circumstances and the struggles of pregnancy, to boot.

True to form of any mother, Kim is willing to do anything to protect her young ones. In fact, Kim has denied any use of chemotherapy treatment to ensure that her child is not at any risk of danger.

In most cases, it is advised that a woman should consider terminating the pregnancy in favor of undergoing therapy to save her own life. Kim, a brave and inspiring mother, went against the grain.

Kim and her husband remain strong through the pregnancy. They have found support from family, friends, and their heavy reliance and strength through their Christian faith. Their baby is healthy as of now, and the couple remains positive, optimistic, and blessed to be part of a happy and loving family.

Kim is a shining example of the courage it takes to be a mother, and the willpower she embodies is an inspiration to mothers, women, and parents everywhere.

We wish her all the best going forward. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family!

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