Mom found guilty of killing 2-month-old daughter by cooking her in microwave

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In 2011, the mother from California claimed that the incident happened in the middle of an epileptic seizure

A thirty-four-year-old mother from California has been found guilty of murdering her two-month-old daughter by placing her in a microwave for five minutes. Ka Yang has been convicted of first-degree murder of her daughter in March 17, 2011, and has been imprisoned 26 years of jail.

Yang had begged innocence claiming that she was in the middle of an epileptic seizure when she put her daughter in the microwave. However, the investigators say that she lied since they had found a pacifier in the microwave. However, there are evidence to support the claim that Yang might be suffering from split personality.

The two-month-old baby suffered from 60 per cent burns to her external as well internal body parts and slater succumbed to her injuries.

Yang has three other children, all under age 13, who were removed from the house at the time of the incident the day. They are now living with their relatives.

Watch this video to know what the media had reported three years ago about the complete incident:

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