Naked mum tosses baby out of the window to death

Naked mum tosses baby out of the window to death

A 27-year-old woman from New York has been arrested for the murder of her baby.

mother kills baby

Tenisha Fearon allegedly tossed her baby from the sixth floor

In a shocking incident, a 27-year-old mum was arrested for allegedly throwing her baby out of the window to her death. The woman, named Tenisha Fearon, tossed her six-month-old daughter from her sixth floor apartment in Bronx, New York, The New York Times reported. The baby was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital where she was declared dead.

The report also states that her neighbour, saw her naked and trying to break a window as her other children lay on the floor, also naked. The police had to break into her apartment and Tenisha had to be sent to the hospital to be evaluated following which she was charged with murder. The police added that the other children, a boy and two girls, were safe with a child welfare agency.

Fearon’s sister, 33-year-old Alicia, told the paper on phone that Tenisha took care of her children very well and this incident has shocked them greatly.

Image source: Thesun

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