Must watch: These mother-daughter ads are trending for all the right reasons!

Must watch: These mother-daughter ads are trending for all the right reasons!

All the three mother-daughter ads are titled #MomBeAGirlAgain, and have a single common theme, which is gifting mothers their childhood!

Is there any other job more difficult that that of being a mother? Perhaps not. So it's only fair that they be celebrated for all the countless amazing things they do for us!

And that's exactly what these advertisements from a popular e-commerce portal are trying to portray. All the three videos titled #MomBeAGirlAgain, have a single common theme- gifting mothers their childhood!

They show a mother receiving a heartfelt letter and a gift that reminds her of the time when her life did not revolve around her kids. And to emphasize the concept even more, the tagline suggests the mother to be a girl again.

Since these short videos have touched the hearts of many, it wasn't a surprise to see Indian netizens giving them their stamp of approval. Here are a few from the many millions who wrote thank you notes to their mums online!

Continue reading to see the other two videos, which we are sure will melt your hearts!

Take a look at the other two videos that we are sure will melt your hearts and make you want to hug your mother again!

This effort by the popular e-commerce website is an indication of how we need to cut our mums some slack and appreciate their efforts just as same.

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Deepshikha Punj

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