Mother and her abducted son reunite after 21 years

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Maria Mancia and her son Steve Hernandez were recently reunited after more than two decades in a shocking turn of events.

Maria Mancia and her son Steve Hernandez were recently reunited after more than two decades in a shocking turn of events.

In 1995, when Steve was only 18-months-old, his father decided to leave Maria. He completely disappeared without a trace; along with him, the impetuous father took Steve.

When her husband left on that day, he did everything in his power to leave no remnant of Steve behind. He left absolutely nothing by which his mother could remember him–not even the original ultrasound report! In fact, Maria claims that the only memory she was able to keep of her abducted son was a photograph taken by a relative.

Now 22-years-old, Steve was reunited with his mother after the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Child Abduction Unit finally cracked the case. Evidently, Steve had been in Mexico with his father, Valentin Hernandez, under the impression that his mother had abandoned him as a baby.

(Source: Associated Press)

(Source: Associated Press)

Valentin for quite sometime has been missing and is believed to be dead, authorities say. All the while, Steve has had to fend for himself, so to say. Authorities came to Steve after some time in order to seek help in finding his missing father. It was then that all of the pieces fell together and fate played its role.

After confirming, authorities contacted Maria to reveal the miraculous and startling find. “Now that I have my son back, this anguish I’ve carried is gone,” Mancia told KABC-TV. “I spent 21 years looking for him not knowing anything.”

“I lived all these years without my mother, then to find out she’s alive in another country, it’s emotional,” Steve said in his interview with KABC. He informed the press that he plans to stay in the US. Here he wishes to attend law school, which he had already started in Mexico.

The bond between a mother and her child is a sacred one. Maria and her son were robbed of that experience for more than two decades. Now that that fate has guided them back into each other’s arms, we wish them nothing but the best in their future!

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(Image courtesy: Associated Press)
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