The most popular names of the last 100 years

The most popular names of the last 100 years

One name has remained popular throughout all these years. Find out which that is, here.

The most popular baby names change every year, and what’s in fashion is highly dependent on culture and current events and trends. However, the website Findmypast has found that one name hasn’t gone out of fashion in the last 100 years.

According to Huffington Post, the website looked at records from the 1911 census, the 1939 register, and official survey results from 2015 to see how trends in baby names have changed in the last 100 years.

They found that the name William has continuously placed as one of the top 10 most popular baby names over the last century.

One other interesting finding: the trends in male names don’t seem to be as volatile as female names, which are fare more affected by what’s in fashion. Popular boys’ names don’t change as much over the years.

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Here are the most popular baby names for 2016, as compiled by BabyCenter. (Note that William ranks at #19 this year.)

Most popular girls' names of 2016 aaa Most popular boys' names of 2016
1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Sophia
5. Mia
6. Isabella
7. Charlotte
8. Amelia
9. Harper
10. Emily
11. Abigail
12. Madison
14. Lily
15. Avery
16. Evelyn
17. Sofia
18. Aria
19. Riley
20. Chloe
1. Noah
2. Liam
3. Mason
4. Ethan
5. Lucas
6. Oliver
7. Aiden
8. Elijah
9. Benjamin
10. James
11. Logan
12. Jacob
13. Jackson
14. Michael
15. Daniel
16. Carter
17. Luke
18. Alexander
19. William
20. Owen

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