5 common phrases all Indian mums use!

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We have a list of phrases that only Indian mums can use and we bet you will go back to your childhood as you read through them!

Indian mothers can unintentionally be quite dramatic. They can go a overboard in disciplining you with one thappad that always comes in handy. Or ask you "tumne khana khaya?" in the middle of a serious conversation.

They can be adorable and over-protective at the same time, or extremely old-fashioned and progressive. They can even fiercely fight for you and sometimes when needed, with you. Either way, Ma is always right.

But Ma is also quite funny! Wondering how? Well, we have a list of phrases that only Indian mums can use and we bet you will go back to your childhood (or maybe, yesterday) as you read through them!

#1 Beta, khana khaya? Kya khaya

Kahan khaya

This is perhaps a favourite of our Indian mums. This sentence can start a conversation, enter in between or end any serious discussion in a jiffy. But it shows how much they love us and want what's best for our health!

#2 Tum ghar aa gaye, beta?


Yes, you are already inside the house but she has to ask this rather rhetorical question! And you are left wondering whether she can see you or she just passed a sarcastic remark because you are late!

Either way, as we say Ma is always right and she is always concerned.

#3 Log kya kahenge?

Log kya kahenge

The ever-persisting question of "Log kya kahenge" has probably given you acidity by now, but it's an important question all mums must ask their kids.

Whether it's got to do with your clothes, your school, your friends or even your eating habits- log kya kahenge! 

Continue reading to see other common phrases that all Indian mum use!

#4 Kaun thi wo dost?

Kaun thi

Getting to know about your friends is also an Indian mum's primary job. Whether or not your friends are accepted into the family depends heavily on your mums opinion. Plus, don't forget that she is storing all this information you share with her for the rest of her life.

In her mind, every other person is perhaps trying to take advantage of her little kid. And all this information is for future reference!

#5 Your phone is out of the window if you don't sleep right now!


Haven't we all been there! The concept of confiscation does not apply to a regular Indian mum, she believes in either or! So either you give her your phone and go to sleep or it goes out the window forever. And don't bother to challenge her, because you may lose your playstation next.

If you can think of more phrases, then let us know in the comments section below! We'd be thrilled to include your suggestions!

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