Mums, you can now monitor video content, thanks to YouTube Kids

Mums, you can now monitor video content, thanks to YouTube Kids

One of the first famous faces to acknowledge the workability and benefit of YouTube Kids was mum influencer Tara Sharma Saluja

With the advent of accessible technology, it has become easier for young kids to watch videos or view virtual content through cell phones, laptops and even tablets. But more often than not parents end up complaining about the need for supervision of such content that may be harmful but easily available. Have you ever thought about safe youtube videos for kids?

Youtube videos for kids

In order to curb this issue, Google-owned YouTube has launched a video platform that is child-friendly and one that can easily be monitored by parents of tech-savvy kids.

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It's called YouTube Kids and is being marketed as a "huge library of learning content for children, in India." And one of the first famous faces to acknowledge its workability and benefit for Indian kids was celebrated actor, anchor and mum influencer, Tara Sharma Saluja.

She went for the launch event and even shared a picture, whilst sharing her own parenting style when it comes letting her two boys watch videos online. Stress-free youtube videos for kids is now a dream come true!

She writes: "A huge congrats on the launch of #YouTubeKIDS in India Must admit I am quite careful not to allow too much screen time to our kids but having checked out the app I do see huge benefits in carefully curated content for kids which is entertaining and educational too and I specifically like the Time Up feature haha And I like that it is family and learning that are a focus And so lovely catching up with fellow content creators and to be acknowledged by @YouTube as one Looking forward to an innovative and successful association touch wood #INDIA Have a super day all."

Here are some interesting features about this new app:

  • The app, which is available in both formats- iOS and Android consists of bold images that make it easier to navigate through the pages
  • It includes channels and videos in categories including Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore
  • Indian kids can explore channels such as ChuChuTV and Kids TV as well as serials based on Lord Krishna and brand new seasons of the shows Cat & Keet and Appu - The Yogic Elephant
  • It allows parental control on searched content as well as timing of view (how much time to allow kids to watch), password protection and sound control (when to switch off sound in the videos)

This new app comes at an opportune time since most public places in India now allow free-wifi lending easy access to the virtual world. But as a concerned parent, if you do want to keep a tab on your kid's Internet usage, here are a few pointers:

  • Teach them about the virtual world: The first thing you must do is to talk to your kid about the virtual world and let them know that there are many things you do not wish for them to see.
  • Install a monitoring software: If you still feel that your child has had access to unwanted virtual content, you can go ahead and install a monitoring software or a wireless router.
  • Use parental control: If you have a smart television at home, chance are that your kid will very soon know how to connect it with the wi-fi, so use parental control options to filter online content

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