A mom’s experience of choosing to stay at home instead of going to work

A real mum shares how she, once upon a time career woman, is now an equally happy stay at home mommy to a 2 year old.

The moment a working woman makes that ‘Good News’ announcement, she is faced with a rather significant question and that is, whether she’s going to be a working mum or a stay- at- home mum in the future. Apart from all the doting that she receives from everyone around her, she also gets different opinions about being a working or a stay- at- home mum.


Advice pours in from everywhere, be it her own parents and in- laws or the Chaachis, Maasis, Maamis and Bhuas. Everyone has tips to help her sail through this phase of ‘Mommyhood’ and be that ‘Perfect Mum’ every woman strives to be. Well, it’s a different story that there are no Perfect Mums, only Real Mums!


Meet one such ‘Real Mum’, Shweta Bhagwat and her adorably cute tot, Baby Arnav.



A full-time mum at present, Shweta was busy crafting a career for herself in finance before her son was born and had never imagined quitting her job for any reason. She says, “I used to work as a financial analyst in a KPO and had a superb career ahead of me. After marriage, we decided to expand the family and that is when things changed drastically.”


At times, the only Mantra you need to chant is Health is Wealth!


Pregnancy, as desirable as it might be, sometimes also flings tough choices a woman’s way and that’s exactly what happened with Shweta. She explains, “During pregnancy I was losing weight. My doctor and the family were quite concerned and I was on complete bed rest. At that time, it was a conscious decision and I thought I was mentally prepared for it. I knew I had to stop my career for a while and it still  wasn’t so easy.



“I went through a phase of utter confusion and chaos and wondered if this was the right thing to do. Assurance from my doctor and lots of love and support from my family brought back my sanity. After all, it was a question of my health, and, moreover, the wellbeing of my baby.


Mommyhood is a special feeling


“Now, I'm a full-time mum, and happy at being one. Nothing in the world can equal up to witnessing your tot grow up right in front of your own eyes. At times, I wonder how many of his milestone achievements I would’ve missed out on if I were away from him. He’s progressing well and is quite an active child so keeps me busy all through the day.



“The mornings are spent in finishing the chores. His bath is our special time. We sing rhymes or recite numerals or alphabets depending on his mood. Sometimes it is just playing with the toys, splashing water all around. He loves that. Then at 11 in the morning is his playschool and I utilize this time to help my father-in- law with his insurance business.


“After coming back at 1PM, it is nap time for him while I enjoy some me-time. Mostly, I practice meditation. In the evening, we go out to the garden to play. He sleeps by 9PM. That is when I spend some time catching up with friends over the phone or just some quality time with my husband and family.


Working, or stay-at-home, a mum is always a mum first!



“You never know what is the next turn that life will take, and I might pursue a full-time career at a later stage. But whether working or stay-at-home, once you have a child, he or she will always be your first priority. That mommy- child bond is the real thing.”


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