Women's Day Special: Top 6 Mommy Influencers In India

Women's Day Special: Top 6 Mommy Influencers In India

Here are six mothers who decided to share their motherhood experiences with the world on the social media platform and ended up being social media influencers in the process.

India is a country where women are extremely passionate about motherhood but somehow they do not get the right platform to share their experiences with other mothers.

However, we have six mothers with us today who decided to share their motherhood experiences with the world on the social media platform and also brought in mothers from different parts of the country together in the process.

Here are some amazing Facebook Mommy Groups that have not only brought new moms together, they also help you at every step in raising your child. They have become a guide and inspiration to many.

Lets have a look at the Top 6 Mommy Influencers In India.

#1 Shalu R Varadkar- MW - Mommies World (For U & Me)


Motivation:Mommies World (For U & Me) is a result of my dad’s faith, he had always faith in me and when I became a mom I lost my dad. My dad passed away only a month after I delivered my baby. As a new mom I realised that there must be several moms across the globe who need a platform not only for their babies, but also for their families. That's why I started this initiative on April 29th, 2015 to help every mommy and their loved ones.”

Passion: “Being a mom of a 22-month baby “Rushansh” has changed me completely as a human being. We, moms, forget what we deserve in life and God blesses us with a baby to fill in the emptiness—Motherhood. Each day is a blessing with my little one and I share this platform with more than 27k moms worldwide on social media every single day.”

Making a Difference: On being asked if she has made a difference in other mums lives, Shalu says, “Yes! To some extent. Whenever I receive thank you messages on MW (Mommies World-For U & Me), I feel I have indeed brought a change in their lives.”

Journey: “It has been a roller-coaster ride, I have been appreciated, thanked, criticised, welcomed and what not. We have been continuously organising workshops, campaigns, mommie meets and charity events in various cities. Managing more than 27k mommies on Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp, is really challenging but it is more than a passion to me. I get a good night's sleep when they help each other with their experience on our forum.”

Here is a link to her Facebook Group: MW-Mommies World (For U&Me)

Do visit them!

#2  Moya Caddy- Mums Of Bangalore 

Moya Caddy Resized

Motivation:  “I started Mums of Bangalore when my daughter was a baby so that I could meet new people through play dates, make some friends and get some much needed answers to the many questions I had. MOB soon became a lifeline to me and for many mothers who joined. It then just grew and grew to what it is today.”

Passion: “Mothers have one thing in common and that is the love for a child. Only when you are a mother can you understand the deepness of it all. I love sharing my journey with other mums as they can relate with what I am going through and vice versa.”

Making a Difference: On being asked if she has made a difference in other mums lives, Moya says, “Maybe not make an impact on their lives but yes, I hope that I can help with changing someone's day with my tip”

Journey: My journey has been quite unexpected. I got behind my computer to help myself and ended up realising my passion. I adore being a mother and bringing people together. Mix these two things together and you have the outcome of some wonderful groups.

Here is a link to her Facebook Group: Mums Of Bangalore

Do visit them!

#3 Shagun Deepchandani- Hello Mommies


Motivation: “Just like any new mum, I had a whole lot of questions when I had my first baby on a whole lot of things from a sneeze to a fever. I started this group for my friends so that we could share our experiences and expertise with other new moms.”

Passion: “It’s been a lovely journey so far, the group has been growing ever since and has about 3,500 members sharing their joy, sorrow, expertise. In fact, I read the new posts for the day every day before I sleep and it brings a smile to my face instantly.”

Making a Difference: On being asked if she has made a difference in other mums lives, Shagun says, “I hope so. I know it has made a huge difference to my life. Having so many expert mums out there to help 24/7 on any query small or big, share jokes, play a silly quiz sometimes to relieve us of the daily chores is invaluable.”

Journey: “Its just the beginning, we hope to grow our lovely community ‘Hello Mommies’ to a larger audience gradually.  It is more like a family than just a group on social media for everyone who is a member.”

Here is a link to her Facebook Group: Hello Mommies

Do visit them!

#4 Ruchita Dar Shah- First Moms Club


Motivation: “I started First Moms Club (FMC) to connect with my mommy friends. Facebook made it super easy to share our experiences after having become mothers. We are all different in many ways – be it our education, our career choices, our location. But the one thing common to all of us was that we were also grappling with this thing called motherhood. Over the years, my friends invited their friends who then invited other like-minded women onto the group and slowly but surely (and despite individual screening it being a closed group) we’re now a 35K + strong group (and growing!)”

Passion: “FMC has always been and will stay passionate and focussed on the woman behind the mother. Sometimes motherhood can be a very lonely journey and FMC wants to help moms  connect and communicate with other moms all over the world knowing that we’re all in this transformational journey together. Why just me …I think every mom who actively partcipates on FMC gets a sense of support and solidarity. FMC gives every mom an oppurtunity to share this passion. I think it’s a lot more about sharing our passion to empower one another as women more than just as moms.”

Making a Difference: On being asked if she has made a difference in other mums lives, Ruchita says, “Of course, real fulfilment to me is seeing what I do make a real impact to women like myself. FMC has become a platform where women from all walks of life connect with one another, share their concerns, ask each other for help and are able to share a laugh ensuring we don’t take ourselves and this whole motherhood journey too seriously.”

“On the group, every day we have a different theme. Mondays are Blog Hop, where Mommy bloggers can share their work, Wednesdays we have MOJO or moms in jobs that help members look at career opportunities, Fridays are Bazaars where mompreneurs can promote and sell their merchandise to the other members. In this way, FMC has become a medium for mothers not only to seek motherhood related answers, but also to empower and enrich themselves as women.”

Journey: “Stepping up from a friends and family kind of platform to a larger community without a lot of resources is tough to do. I think the greatest challenge for FMC has been to ensure that regardless of any commercial pulls and tugs, the community remains focused on being a great platform for Indian moms all over the world to connect. When I see moms in New York and Jaipur connecting over the platform helping each other with queries, it’s a very satisfying feeling. Through this journey, I’ve learnt to become far less judge mental and appreciate the struggles and achievements of everyday women like myself.I work from home and FMC doesn’t require me to travel often. So it’s not very stressful and I am always there for my family. Though there are several occasions where I miss out on catching up, be it for a cup of coffee with old friends or my sons’ football matches, I continuously trade off one thing for another. I guess I’m no different from any man or woman focused on building something.”

Here is a link to her Facebook Group: First Moms Club

Do visit them!

#5 Kanika Manaktala Wadhwa- Its Mom Made


Motivation: “We have been a nuclear family all through. When I had my first child, there was a lot of learning, a lot of experiences that I had with her. I felt like I could put this knowledge to good use by sharing it with fellow mommies. When I had my second one, a new set of lessons started. In a while, I had learnt to observe my kids and draw conclusions from their behaviour. Parenting has become a favourite topic and writing had been an all time favourite so I thought of combining the two.”

Passion: “Motherhood is about all kinds of moments, high and low, so it feels really good to make a mother understand that its all a part of the journey. The moments would be fondly remembered while the kids grow up and are on their own.”

Making a Difference: On being asked if she has made a difference in other mums lives, Kanika says, “With my articles on the basics of parenting, I feel I am able to make a mother's life a bit easier in these times of innumerable options.”

Journey: “My journey has been an extremely exciting one. My elder daughter is 7 and younger one is 2.5. I wish my elder one gets younger again, so I could enjoy a bit more of her. My younger one is a laughter riot. I try and live the present with them wholeheartedly before time flies and they are grown ups.”

Here is a link to her Facebook Group: Its Mom Made

Do visit them!

#6 Eshita Khandhar Gala- Mumbai Mommies Group


Motivation: “When I stepped into Motherhood, I realised that just by reading articles, you cannot get the answers to your questions. Experience speaks louder than just book knowledge. That’s when I realised that the best ways to connect to so many mothers at one go – had to be social media.  First time mothers are always on the look-out to strike conversations with fellow mothers as they have many questions like-- Is there an alternative to diapers? Are you sure, you should not give water in the first six months? And so on.”

Passion: “It’s definitely nice to be a platform between so many other mums. Just when, one post can get tears in your eyes, the other can make you roar out of laughter. Each and every member of the group adds on to the spirit of the group. Passion of motherhood is doubled when shared.”

Making a Difference: On being asked if she has made a difference in other mums lives, Eshita says, “Yes, definitely. Whether it’s me or the other mothers in the group, each and every mother feels a sense of belonging here. Also, Geographically – being on the same plane helps out with information about local doctors, dentists, baby stores, children parks, activities or any events happening in and around.”

Journey: “Great. Looking forward for many more years to come.”

Here is a link to her Facebook Group: Mumbai Mommies Group

Do visit them!

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Written by

Sakshi Sem

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