Mommy hacks: Keeping baby safe at home

Mommy hacks: Keeping baby safe at home

You may have spent time, money, and effort on baby-proofing your home, but is it enough? Check out these amazing mom-approved hacks for keeping baby safe at home!

You may think your precious bundle of joy is safest when under your supervision at home, but you’d be surprised what kind of mishaps your curious little one can get into in the blink of an eye.

You may have spent time, money, and effort into baby-proofing your hoe, but you’d be naive in saying that it’s 100% safe for babies. There’s always something that can either be damaged or cause damage to your little tyke! That’s why it’s so important for parents to check out helpful tips and tricks like ones offered by mamiblock!

The amazing mommy-in-mind YouTube page has been providing moms across the globe with awesome mommy hacks for a long time now, and today we’ll be focusing on their baby-safety video.

In the video, they not only share incredible mommy hacks that can help keep your little one safe, but how to do so on a budget! In fact, you may not know before watching their video, but you can probably baby-proof your entire home with supplies you have lying around.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from their helpful, insightful YouTube post:

keeping baby safe at home

Keep your baby save from falling books by using straps to secure your collections!

keeping baby safe at home

Don’t let cords dangle, and put your baby at risk! Bundle them all together and tie them up with cable ties.

keeping baby safe at home

Drawers are just begging to be tampered with by babies. Make sure your baby can’t hurt their little fingers! Secure the drawer with the help of a toy!

Check out even more of these helpful mommy hacks! Watch the full video from mamiblock on page two!


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