Hey mums, Kareena Kapoor is practicing this very healthy tip while gymming (and why you should too)

Hey mums, Kareena Kapoor is practicing this very healthy tip while gymming (and why you should too)

According to pediatricians, when you have small babies at home you have to maintain as clean atmosphere as possible near them

All new mums would vouch that getting back to their post baby bodies remains important for them. But what gets priority over and above everything is, that your house and any one who comes near your little baby remains germ and infection free. Looks like celeb mum, Kareena Kapoor is taking utmost care to ensure this.

If like me, you too, have seen those numerous pictures of Kareena Kapoor coming in and out of the gym, then you may have noticed something.

The fittest-mum-on-the-block is often seen sporting slippers while on her way out of the gym. Now, slippers not work-out shoes in the gym is a total no-no.

And given that Kareena, who is such a fitness freak would never ever be seen in something as impractical than a pair of slippers while working out and pumping iron in the gym. So what makes her wear the loungy, thong chappals while coming out of the gym?

The real reason

So, in all probabilities, the real reason, why Kareena, is often spotted in a pair of comfy, flat, slip-ons while on her way out of the gym has to be something that is healthy and expert recommended.

But still something that most of us forget to follow. Looks like, Kareena after her intense work-out sessions takes a shower and makes it a point to take off her sweaty gym shoes for a pair of airy, open-toed chappals.

Why is it healthy?

According to experts, when we work out, we sweat and the often closed and stuffy environment inside the gym serves as the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

So, the best course of action is that after taking a shower one should change into a set of clean clothes. While some of us do that, we often forget to change our pair of shoes.

Something that undergoes the most strenuous training and is the sweatiest. Putting on the same shoes and socks that are damp with sweat is the worst recipe for health and an invitation for harmful bacteria to fester.

Why it matters in homes with babies

According to pediatricians, when you have small babies at home you have to maintain a clean atmosphere as possible near them.

In all possibilities new mum, Kareena after her gym session would be jetting straight to her boy for an I-missed-you cuddle. And it is only obvious that she would want to be as germ-free possible when she approaches her baby.

And while on the topic, here are some other gym no-nos that mums must follow

1.Unfitted sports bra or nursing bras: As new mums, you may be feeling lazy about coming out of your nursing bras every time you have to either exercise at home or go to the gym.

But we must tell you that it is a big mistake. During your nursing phase, your breasts need all the support so as to ensure they do not sag, especially when you are working out.

2.Loose fitting clothing: Okay we have been there, so we know as a new mum, still getting accustomed to your changing body you may want to hide those extra bulges in loosely-fitted clothes.

But the best way to deal with it is to wear properly fitted gym gear for two reasons - a fitted gym wear allows an ease of movement and you work-out with more flexibility. It also allows you to see the areas that need attention without any camouflage.

3. Any piece of jewellery: Any jingling piece of jewellery is not only distracting but also hinders your movements. The best way to exercise is without any bracelets or neck pieces.

Leave all the accessories at home so that whether you are running that treadmill or doing pilates, you feel free and in control.

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