Shocking! Mobile phones are causing presbyopia at an early age in Indian kids

Shocking! Mobile phones are causing presbyopia at an early age in Indian kids

Over 65 percent of the Indians suffering from presbyopia, or long-sightedness, are in their early 30s and are heavy users of electronic gadgets

You are about to go to sleep and your three-year-old suddenly laps up your cell phone. He switches it on and starts fiddling with the games section. At first, you don't mind because you believe he won't take long before dozing off.

But he sits there, right next to you and plays games for nearly an hour before you ask him to go to bed.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Are you also helpless at the hands of your 'technology savvy' kid? Well, if you are then you better brace yourself, because this very technology is causing your kid serious harm.

Shocking study reveals the truth

In a study by Indian doctors, over 65 percent of the Indians suffering from presbyopia, or long-sightedness, are in their early 30s. They are also heavy users of electronic gadgets, including laptops and tablets.

“Presbyopia or loss of accommodating power of the lens, which mostly happened around the age of 40, has started occurring quite early among the people. Excess use of mobile phones causing it early by making the eye lens harder and making it lose elasticity. The result is a gradual worsening of the ability to focus on objects up close,” says Mahipal Sachdev, Chairman of Centre for Sight (CFS), as quoted by a daily.

How does presbyopia affect vision?

Presbyopia, is basically an age-related eyesight problem. It stems from a gradual thickening and loss of flexibility of the natural lens, inside the eye. Experts suggest that the problem is now occurring at an early stage due to use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets in excess.

Treating presbyopia in kids

Ritika Sachdev, a Delhi-based ophthalmic surgeon, who spoke to the daily says, “One cannot escape presbyopia, even if they have never had a vision problem before. However, the occurrence of presbyopia at an early stage can be prevented by avoiding the long-hour use of mobile phones and tablets.”

“Presbyopia also cannot be prevented just by diet and exercise as they have no effect. Those who use near vision daily in their activities will notice and complain about it sooner. Which is why these days, with greater use of mobile phones and tablets, people need corrective glasses sooner, sometimes even at the age of 30-32 years,” she says.

This news is certainly an eye-opener since treatment of presbyopia is not natural, but needs corrective lenses.

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