5 mistakes Indian women make while putting their baby to sleep

5 mistakes Indian women make while putting their baby to sleep

Here are 5 baby nighttime sleep mistakes that most Indian women make. Read on if you treasure that deep sleep as much as we do.

So you are a new mum and it seems that sleepless nights and a general feeling of exhaustion are the new mainstays in your life?

While for any new parent feeling overwhelmed with the sudden surge of responsibility is a natural thing, sometimes according to experts, we make the situation more complex by trying too hard.

There are some common mistakes that most parents make that lead them feeling more drained and out-of-their-wits. Add to it certain cultural practices that are carried on as popular old-wives-hacks for baby rearing also sometimes do more harm than good.

Amongst others, the subject of baby sleep often crops up as a touchy topic. So if you too are tired of putting your bub to sleep with little success, it may be worth pondering over if you are making any of these common mistakes.

Here are 5 baby nighttime sleep mistakes that most Indian women make. Read on if you treasure that deep sleep as much as we do.

1.Breastfeeding to sleep: It is one of the most common mistakes new mums make particularly in India. While it is natural for a new baby not to have a streamlined sleeping routine, women often try to look for a short-term measure that is breastfeeding the baby to sleep.


While this may help in the short run as a new baby gets exhausted easily while sucking and goes-off to sleep remember it is likely that the baby has gone into a short nap mode due to feeling tired and will be up again.

And because you have subconsciously attuned the baby to look for the boob to fall asleep it is even likelier that the baby will be looking for you again to fall asleep.

The better way is to breastfeed the baby a little ahead of sleep time and put a nighttime routine such as singing a lullaby or reading a book.

Yes, you can read a book to even a few months old baby and even though they may not understand anything babies like to hear your voice and can distinguish between gentle tones that herald a sleeping time for them.

2.Keeping lights on: Many older women in the family advise new mums not to create a pitch-dark atmosphere in baby’s room. The Indian logic to it is that when baby gets up in the middle of the night he could be terrified of the dark. The expert advice is totally opposite to this one.

According to baby sleep experts, dark room creates a more conducive atmosphere for a sound sleep and also helps distinguish a little baby from daytime to nighttime. For a small baby who is unable to move himself sleeping in the dark poses no additional threat of trying to walk in the dark too.

3. Making the baby fall asleep on your lap: This is a common Indian practice where parents carry their babies to sleep while also rocking them gently.

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While you may think that this shortens the time span within which baby falls asleep you are making the baby accustomed to needing assistance while sleeping. The best way is to put a baby in a comfortable bed. Sit beside him for a while and then let him soothe himself to sleep.

4. Adding too many sleep toys: That favourite stuff toy, the rocking chair and that sleeping lights – adding too much clutter to soothe your baby does more harm than good.

Most sleep experts suggest creating a dull and boring atmosphere for the baby to feel that there is nothing more exciting happening right now and hence sleeping may not be a bad idea. Keep such distractions for playtime instead.

5.Keeping the room warm: Another Indian grandma’s favorite is that the baby’s room should be kept warm so that he doesn’t catch a cold.

According to doctors, a cool temperature ensures a relaxed, sound sleep. You may dress up your baby in full sleeves if the air conditioning is on but letting the poor baby sleep in hot, humid conditions is another sure-fire way to have a distracted sleep.

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