Mira Rajput reveals hubby Shahid Kapoor's most ANNOYING habit!

Mira Rajput reveals hubby Shahid Kapoor's most ANNOYING habit!

We can totally relate to that!

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor have become one of the most talked about town couples after their wedding last July. However, while Mira has made quite a few public appearances after her wedding and now after the birth of her daughter Misha, she has otherwise kept away from the media glare and has rarely spoken about her marriage with the one of the most sought after Bollywood actor.

But, looks like the wait is finally over as Mira Rajput is soon going to make an appearance along with husband Shahid Kapoor on Karan Johar's Koffee with Karan on New Years Day. The promos of the bumper episode are out and they go on to show that it would indeed be one hell of an show, wherein wife Mira is going to reveal some secrets of husband Shahid Kapoor.

Their adorable chemistry was something all couples can relate to and would make put a smile on your face. Looking resplendent in a striking blue gown, Mira is seen at her candid best and her answers are something all of us can relate to. She also mentions that she knows Shahid inside out.

The promo also shows the two discussing quite a few things about their marriage and in the process they let out a few secrets of each other. Like any other wife, Mira has her sets of likes and dislikes and there are some habits of her husband Shahid that she doesn't approve of.

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However, when asked about one particular annoying habit of Shahid, Mira said, "He burps a lot."

Clearly, Shahid was not prepared for that. However, on his part Shahid goes on to say that he doesn't really know all about Mira and is still discovering the long list of her boyfriends. The couple also look cute as they compete to win the famous Koffee quiz, which has the hamper as the prize. Check it out!

Annoying habits wives don't approve of

While Mira finds Shahid's burping annoying, there are quite a few habits that wives do not like in their husbands.

1. Interrupting them when they're talking: This is something that really pisses women off, especially when they are trying to make an important point.

2. "Messing" around: 
Not arranging the clothes properly, throwing wet towel on the bed and eating on the ned are other few habits that annoy wives, especially after they've just made the bed.

3. Being forgetful: Forgetting anniversaries, birthdays and other special events are other things that women dislike in men.

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