Mira Rajput is the 'ideal' bahu, says father-in-law Pankaj Kapur. Here's proof!

Mira Rajput is the 'ideal' bahu, says father-in-law Pankaj Kapur. Here's proof!

"She’s such a wonderful girl and she has got the family much closer," said Kapur while speaking about daughter-in-law, Mira Rajput

Becoming a grandparent can be a wonderful feeling, or so thinks veteran actor Pankaj Kapur. He recently became a grandfather, when Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput became parents of a baby girl; and he clearly cannot contain his excitement.

The patriarch of the Kapur family, who is preparing to take his son and daughter-in-law to Beas to name the baby girl, expressed his happiness about the recent event in his family, just shortly before this trip.

Speaking to SpotboyE, he said that it was indeed a wonderful feeling to have children extend their own families.

"It's wonderful to have your children extend themselves to become a larger family. It's wonderful to have a new person." But he also added a rather sweet message about his daughter-in-law, Mira.

Mira, the perfect bahu

Adding a few more lines about his bahu, Kapur minced no words to say that he was very happy that he had an extremely caring and loving daughter-in-law. He even praised her for her ability to bring the entire family together, more so than it was before.

"In case of Mira, it’s seems like I have always known her. She’s such a wonderful girl and she has got the family much closer. There’s lot more warmth and lot more dependability in each one of us now. To say the least, I am the most excited about becoming a grandfather," he said. 

Kapur certainly did not hesitate to compliment his daughter-in-law and clearly treats her like family, just as one should.

Continue reading to see the 3 things all bahus love to hear from their father-in-law. We bet you'd want to hear them too!

While Indian society is a mixed bag of those in-laws who treat their daughters-in-law like maids, there are also those who genuinely make them feel at home and a part of the family.

One of the ways that in-laws can make life easier for their new bahu is by doing simple things that make them feel loved, like welcoming words. Here are my personal favourites that am sure would make any new bahu's day, just as it did mine.

#1 You are our beloved daughter now

Isn't it wonderful to hear that your father-in-law think of you as his own daughter. It can be a bit difficult to break the ice at first, but trust me, once you are over that initial stage, this is one of most precious relationships.

And if your father-in-law also uses these welcoming words, that's an indication that he certainly wants you to feel at home.  it is these words that make all the difference.

Mira Rajput

#2 This is your home, you can do as you please

When I first got married and came to my husband's place, I wasn't sure what to expect. But my father-in-law made my stay with them so much easier, by simply using these words.

He understood that I had my apprehensions and to make me feel comfortable, he asked me what I wanted to change around the house or if I felt something was missing. While I did not take up on his offer to the extent of revamping the whole place, I did make a few suggestions, that I saw were implemented.

#3 If you have any problem, ring me up first

When the ice was broken in our relationship, I remember by FIL asking me to add him to my emergency list of numbers. And whenever I had any trouble or felt that I needed to share something important, I could immediately call him.

Even though this may not always be practical, but the thought and the gesture itself made me feel secure and happy.

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